Animal Lovers Howard And Beth Stern Have Fostered Over 900 Cats And Kittens In Their Home


Animal Lovers Howard And Beth Stern Have Fostered Over 900 Cats And Kittens In Their Home

Howard Stern’s wife, Beth Stern, is an actress, model, and author, but to her, these are not the most important things she does. Cat fostering is her biggest passion!

Beth’s cat fostering journey: the beginning

Beth started fostering cats and kittens several years ago after her and Howard’s beloved bulldog passed away, she told Architectural Digest. To fill the hole in her heart, Beth took a litter of kittens from a local shelter supported by North Shore Animal League America. She had been involved with the organization for over a decade.

She designated a room in her and Howard’s home and furnished it accordingly to welcome the kittens. Her husband supported the idea.

Beth managed to find forever homes for the kittens in just a few weeks. After that, fostering became a regular thing in the Sterns’ home.

They don’t plan on stopping

Over more than five years of fostering, Beth helped nearly 900 cats and kittens find loving families, she said on Today in January.

Rescue and fostering may not sound easy to some, especially if it involves several felines at a time, but Beth says it’s not hard at all for her. And Howard helps her a lot! She said on Today:

Howard is my partner in my rescue work. He’s right there with me, he helps me take care of the resident cats. He grooms them every morning, he talks to them… They are family members.

Speaking of resident cats, four of them (of which three have special needs) currently live in the Sterns’ home. Bella is a blind senior cat and an absolute sweetheart, Yoda is a gorgeous white Persian with a heart condition, Walter doesn’t have special needs but is scared of everyone except Beth and Howard, and Pebble, the most recent addition to the family, is a naughty one-eyed goofball. Beth says the residents help with the fosters!

The famous cat lovers’ goal is to promote fostering and adoption (especially when it comes to cats with special needs), and they are leading by example.

The fur babies are like children to Beth

Beth and Howard don’t have kids together (Howard has three adult children from his first marriage). However, in Beth’s eyes, having a home full of cats and kittens makes up for having no children.

She told People back in 2013:

I’m 40 and don’t plan on having children, so my cats are my kids. I have this strong and unconditional love for them.

Fostering does require dedication, but it’s also immensely rewarding, Beth says. Speaking about adoption, you can contact her on social media if you feel ready to welcome a loving, purring furry friend into your home!

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