Amy Roloff Opens Up About Her New Boyfriend, Worries, And Holiday Season


Amy Roloff Opens Up About Her New Boyfriend, Worries, And Holiday Season

Amy Roloff is a famous actor and producer who is known for having managed to turn her family life into the reality series Little People, Big World. This show is not only entertaining, but it educates its viewers about dwarfism and creates a positive image of little people. Despite the fact that Amy Roloff is used to show her private life on the screen, her fans can only guess how her relationship with a new boyfriend is going on.

New life

Following a difficult split from ex-husband Matt Roloff after being married for 27 years, Amy returned to the world of dating. Since then, she has been with her boyfriend Chris Marek for about a year. We should admit that there is something about the two that works so fine.

From the posts on Instagram that Amy shared, we can see that the two of them have been enjoying soup-eating parties with friends, traveling, and going on vacations together. It really seems that they get closer and closer each day. Amy is cozy with her new man, which for sure makes her fans happy.

Quality-time holidays with family

Now, the couple celebrates holidays. Amy and Chris obviously spent much time together during Thanksgiving. On her Instagram, Amy confessed she did not have such a wonderful weekend for a while. All her children, grandkids, and friends were there, and Chris was near as well. They really start to look like a family! The Little People, Big World star has already decorated her Christmas tree, and she is ready to throw another holiday party soon.

Relationship issues

Although everything seems perfect, Amy admits she is still nervous when talking to her new boyfriend because of her stature. She is worried whether height difference will play any role in their relationship. Having been married to a little person, she now has to learn how to date a partner of average size.

I just really want him to never question or doubt the relationship because I’m a little person.

We hope that Amy will be confident in the feelings of her man and look forward to see the posts of her and Chris spending time together during these holidays. 

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