Amy Grant's Children Are All-Grown-Up And The Famous Mom Couldn't Be Prouder Of Her Family


Amy Grant's Children Are All-Grown-Up And The Famous Mom Couldn't Be Prouder Of Her Family

Amy Grant’s children have given her several reasons to smile over the years.

The mother of four actually welcomed three of her children while on the road. According to Tennessean, Amy and her former husband Gary Chapman had a plan they followed when it came to giving birth. She would go on tour and four months in, she would begin trying to conceive then get pregnant. The purpose was to conclude the tour by the time she was in her second trimester.

Amy revealed that juggling pregnancy on the road wasn’t always easy but she and Gary executed the process successfully three times.

Amy Grant’s kids are all grown up

The singer welcomed three children with ex-husband Gary and one with her current spouse Vince Gill.

During her marriage to Gary, the couple became parents to son Matthew, daughter Gloria, and another daughter Sarah. The marriage lasted from 1982 to 1999. After marrying Vince in 2000, she gave birth to Corrina a year later.

Blended families can often breed drama but this isn’t the case for Amy and her brood. Speaking to Closer Weekly, the Baby, Baby singer revealed that when Sarah tied the knot in 2019, she was walked down the aisle by her birth father Gary and her stepfather Vince. It felt good to see her family united this way.

Amy Grant’s daughter Gloria also got married in 2019. The singer’s children are definitely growing up and becoming independent which means Amy and Vince have been getting used to an empty nest.

She said:

I’m sleeping like a teenager! I want to experience life and not have a work agenda. I’m going to take my Airstream Bambi trailer coast to coast, meet people and just celebrate being alive!

Amy Grant is very proud of her children and her family in general. She must have enjoyed watching them grow and living their respective lives.

Gloria’s act of kindness

One proof that Amy raised kind children was the fact that her daughter chose to donate a kidney to her best friend.

In 2017, it was reported that Gloria decided to step up for her childhood friend and in a social media post, her father expressed how proud he was of her.

Amy Grant turned 59 in November 2019 and it’s pretty amazing to see that her career and family life are going well. She melted hearts with her lovely voice and she obviously raised beautiful and compassionate children. She sure has many reasons to be proud.

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