Al Roker's Son Nick Won 2 Gold Medals In NY's Special Olympics: Daddy Got Emotional With Pride!


Al Roker's Son Nick Won 2 Gold Medals In NY's Special Olympics: Daddy Got Emotional With Pride!

Al Roker’s son Nick had to endure a slew of medical tests. During the early stages of his slow development, doctors couldn’t point out what’s wrong with him. Now, despite his disabilities, his parents have given him enough confidence to test his might. 

The sensational host had previously revealed how he had left no stone unturned. He just wanted to get answers about his child’s condition. He was deemed mentally retarded. But the daddy didn’t quit. With the help of therapists, Nick’s speech, strength, behavior, conversational skills, and mobility improved. 

He’s made daddy really proud

Father’s Day proved to be a memorable day for Al Roker. On Saturday, June 17, he shared the achievement of his beloved son on Instagram. He had won two gold medals at the Special Olympics New York Summer Games at Vassar College. He totally excelled at swimming in a 25-yard swim race and made his parents gush with pride.

In the post, the 16-year-old champion was seen being showered with kisses from mom, Deborah. The true bliss was expressed in Al-Roker’s message.

In the caption, he had thanked his remarkable coaches and had emotionally offered gratitude. The doting father also congratulated other participants.

People heartedly congratulated him


Congratulations Nick 🎉💗


Al this is so wonderful. I know your feeling. This is so special.


That is so wonderful. Congratulations to your son. He is an amazing man…just like his Father.


So happy for Nick, you and your entire family. Family is everything. Have a wonderful Father’s Day


Congratulations! Great Father’s Day Present Al Roker!❤️❤️

In his own way, Nick is just extraordinary. He is such a courageous and hard-working individual. We are sure he will manage to live a great life even with his limitations – cause it’s all in the spirit!

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