After "Santa Barbara": Where Did The Actress Who Played The Beautiful Eden Disappear In The Early 2000s


After "Santa Barbara": Where Did The Actress Who Played The Beautiful Eden Disappear In The Early 2000s



Viewers who survived the 90’s, not by hearsay, are familiar with one of the longest-running melodramatic American TV series – Santa Barbara. Who does not remember the Capwell family? The whole world watched the beautiful novel about the rich man’s daughter with just a policeman, Cruz Castillo.

What had happened to this golden-haired girl and where did she disappear from the screens in the early 2000s? We are ready to assure you that Marcy is alive and kicking. The woman, who played Eden Capwell in the distant 1992, is 56 years old.

Her life was not as dramatic as her screen heroine, but not less interesting. Marcy was born in the US in 1961 in a provincial town called Paduca, which is located in Kentucky. She was not even a year old when her parents divorced.

© Santa Barbara (1984) / Dobson Productions

The father, with whom her mother left her, took the education of little Marcy seriously. The woman knows about her mother very little because the dad did not like to talk too much about the former spouse. Mr. Walker was a military man, and the small family was forced to constantly move from place to place. They traveled all over America and visited even the Far East. Travels tempered the character of Marcy and helped to achieve success in life.

© Santa Barbara (1984) / Dobson Productions

Finally, the Walkers arrived in Illinois, where the girl went to high school. That’s when she decided to become an actress. The girl showed great talent and became the star of her drama class.

The first role she received just one year after her graduation was in 1980. It was the American series "All My Children", which was filmed in New York. In this project, she had participated for 4 years and even was nominated for Emmy.

© Santa Barbara (1984) / Dobson Productions

After that, there was the legendary "Santa Barbara", which brought Marcy Walker world fame. For the sake of the role, the woman even moved to sunny California, which she does not regret. She devoted 5 years of her life to the famous series.

Later, the actress was again engaged in the soap opera "All my children", this time her participation in the project lasted for 10 years. She was married 4 times. All her marriages, except the last one, can not be called happy.

© Santa Barbara (1984) / Dobson Productions

At some time the woman realized that her soul was looking for salvation and enlightenment, and, therefore, began to actively attend the Christian church. Today, Marcy is a pastor and is engaged in charity. This amazing woman is studying the Bible with children and is involved in organizing religious summer camps.

Marcy began to think about religion back in the time of "Santa Barbara" when she received a heartfelt letter from her admirer Carolyn Guest. It was she who pushed her onto the true path. After many years the women met and now they are close friends. She gave up her career as an actress for the church, but the actress does not regret it at all.

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