After More Than 3 Decades, Former Flames Liam Neeson And Helen Mirren Reunite At The Graham Norton Show


After More Than 3 Decades, Former Flames Liam Neeson And Helen Mirren Reunite At The Graham Norton Show



Often time, it can be really uncomfortable to meet an ex after a very long time. The long silence can feel awkward, and starting a conversation may be the most difficult thing in the world to do.

However, the same can’t be said for Neeson and Mirren who were recently reunited, and their fondness for each other was hard to miss.

The Graham Norton Show

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Way back in 1980, Liam and Helen were rumored to be dating, but none of them publicly acknowledged the rumor until in an interview with James Lipton. 34 years later, the Hollywood stars reunited at the Graham Norton Show and were quizzed about their secret romance. Liam even revealed he was smitten when he first met Helen.

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Liam and Helen met at the set of a fantasy flick Excalibur in the 80’s. Even though they dated for only four years, they were pretty serious about their relationship. For Neeson, it was love at first sight! The moment he saw Mirren walking on the set with Morgana Le Fay costume, he was slain in love with her.

Their relationship back then

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Prior to their break-up then, like every other young couple in love, they were happy and tried as much as they could to keep it a secret. While they did so for a while, with rumors going around, they eventually made their relationship public.

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In those four years, they didn’t just date, as Helen revealed; they were a serious item back then that they actually lived together. Helen, who was once caught by Liam mimicking his walk, also revealed that her favorite holidays those years were camping with Liam.

Their relationship now

Years after their break-up, Liam went ahead to marry Natasha Richardson in 1994, and together they had two sons until the actress’ sudden death after a skiing accident in 2009.

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Helen, on the other hand, got married to the director Taylor Hackford in 1997, and they’ve been together ever since.

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Ex-flame, former lovers, colleagues, call them whatever you like, these Hollywood superstars are at peace with where they are and who they have become right now. And with how happy they look while they were quizzed at the Graham Norton Show, they could so easily pass as friends.

What do you think about these two and how they coordinate themselves after three decades?

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