Adorable Twin Brothers Make People Laugh With Their Silly Attempt To Mimic Dad's Sneeze


Adorable Twin Brothers Make People Laugh With Their Silly Attempt To Mimic Dad's Sneeze

How do babies learn something new? They mimic everything they see and hear: from the sounds of the roaring cars passing by to the way their parents sneeze or yawn. And these twin brothers put a lot of effort into mimicking their daddy’s sneeze.

twinnerwinners / YouTube

Why do little children put so much effort into repeating the actions of adults? Basically, it is just the way they learn how to do different things. However, a recent study says that kids’ need to fit in with their environment also has something to do with them mimicking the adults. It looks like repeating the same actions their older peers do makes children feel like they have something in common with the people around them.

Take the two little boys from the video below. Their mom was lucky enough to have her camera switched on. While the woman was filming the boys playing with their little plastic toys, we can hear their dad sneezing in the background. The weird noise seems to catch the attention of both kids, and they try to repeat what they’ve just seen and heard.

twinnerwinners / YouTube

The first few attempts were not so successful. However, encouraged by their mom’s reaction, the twins kept “sneezing” over and over again. In the end, both parents were laughing hard, and the boys seemed to be pretty pleased with their new achievement.

Watching little kids as they learn something new, even when it is as simple as mimicking the sound of a sneeze, is wonderful. And you can watch the video below and see for yourself how these two cuties made one more step toward growing up.

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