99-Year-Old Vikings Fan Gets A Sweet Surprise From Her Favorite Team: Two Tickets To Super Bowl


99-Year-Old Vikings Fan Gets A Sweet Surprise From Her Favorite Team: Two Tickets To Super Bowl

It seems that the Minnesota Vikings’ luck has improved lately. On January 15, 2018, the football team managed to crush the New Orleans Saints with the 29-24 score by running for an incredible 61-yard touchdown. Now, the Vikings hope to succeed in subsequent plays and believe that inviting their eldest fan would definitely bring them luck.

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Real superfan

Millie Wall is 99, and she has been a fan of the football team since its inception more than 50 years ago! She honestly says that not all these years were joy. Sometimes, she was so disappointed and angry with the Vikings that she barely subdued the desire to throw a brick at her TV set.

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Unexpected present

Recently, Millie has attended one of the games with her granddaughter, but now she got hands on free tickets for one of the Super Bowl playoffs. In honor of her upcoming 100th birthday, the Vikings decided to present their fan with a pair of tickets, to which she reacted as:

You’ve gotta be kidding.

They accompanied the present with a lovely note, expressing their gratitude for Millie’s support throughout all these years.

Thank you for the many years of supporting and cheering on our team, and making us part of your life.

The Vikings also presented Millie with their merchandise, such as their earplugs. Besides, Wall and her granddaughter will attend the game like real celebs – they will be picked up in a limo.


Fans’ reactions

Wall’s reaction to a good news was captured and then shared on Twitter. Fans of the team were quick to react to the news by congratulating Millie. Some of them were absolutely amazed with how she looks, thinking that she is much younger than 99. And many simply wished Wall to have some quality time with her granddaughter.

We hope Millie will enjoy the playoff.

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