9 Tips To Keep Your House And Your Nerves Safe When You Are On Vacation


9 Tips To Keep Your House And Your Nerves Safe When You Are On Vacation

Holidays is a perfect season for us to leave our houses and seek for some fresh air, sun, and just some time to rest. However, burglars don’t see it this way. For them, it’s time for ‘hectic’ work, which might accidentally turn out a disaster for us.

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Statistics show the highest percent of burglaries appears in summer. What’s more, over a year, there are about 2,000,000 of them, nearly 30% of them being conducted through an open or unlocked window or door.

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So, now you realize what might happen and your responsibility for the situation. There are lots of ways how you can prevent a burglary in your house. We recommend you to stick to these 15 useful tips.

1. Say ‘no’ to mail

It’s the first and the most evident sign no one is at home. Your mail piled up near your front door will definitely attract burglars.

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2. Don’t close the blinds

It’s another mistake most people make when going on vacation. It’s easy to track if those blinds aren’t open during the day. And it will give burglars the idea no one is at home.

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3. Don’t brag in social media you’re on vacation

Want to help burglars know when you are out of town? Share the news on social media. As a rule, it’s better to let everyone know about your vacation right after you return home.

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4. Still leaving spare keys everywhere?

There’s a tendency among many people to leave a spare set of keys under their doormat or in a pot somewhere near the house. It’s the first thing a burglar will check upon. And here it is – a free entrance to your house.

5. Garage door locked?

Don’t forget about locking everything from house windows to garage doors. And if you have window bars, make sure they are locked as well.

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6. Ask neighbors to look for the house

If you have a trusted neighbor, it’s a good idea to have them watch your house from time to time. They could throw your garbage, mow the lawn, or even lit some light in the house in the evening.

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7. Don’t leave your valuables in the house

There are lots of options to store your money and valuables safely. And safes is one of them.

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8. Timer for gadgets

Technologies are developing every day, and now you can set up a timer for your TV to turn on and off even when you aren’t at home. It’s a perfect distractor for burglars.

9. Answering machine tip

Telling everyone who calls you that you are on vacation is the biggest mistake. Try letting them know you’ll be back soon and call them back.

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All in all, try to stick to at least some of these tips, and they will surely keep your house safe while you are away for your vacation.

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