9 Tips For Curvy Women To Choose The Right Clothing With Style And Elegance


9 Tips For Curvy Women To Choose The Right Clothing With Style And Elegance

For many years, big magazines and the best designers have advocated the use of models with skinny figures. It’s as if they’re the only body type that can look beautiful and elegant. But it turns out that fashion is for everybody and women with curves also have the chance to show off their figures with haute couture items. So much so, that these women are now the new fashion trend.

We can also see this trend in celebrities such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, who do an amazing job of showing off their curves. If you have an hourglass figure or some areas which you’d like to hide and others you’d like to highlight, we’ll show you 9 tips to follow for choosing the right clothing for showing off those curves with style:

1. Clothing shouldn’t be too loose, nor too tight-fitting.

A big mistake which many women make is hiding their curves behind overly large clothing. By doing so, they only create the opposite effect, making you look wider. The solution is to show off your feminine curves without exaggerating. This can be achieved using custom-fitting blazers and accompanying skirts.

2. Show a little cleavage.

When it comes to showing cleavage, you should know what flatters your figure. A tip that never fails for those with pronounced curves is shirts and blouses with a V neckline. This style will elongate your silhouette and flatter your figure.

3. Choose the right dress.

Knowing which dress to choose is vital for highlighting your attributes. That’s why we recommend tube dresses in order to accentuate your curves. If you can find a dress with a V neckline, that’s also a great option for elongating your figure and showing off a small waist.

4. Choose the right underwear.

You can’t imagine just how important it is to choose the right bra. This makes the crucial difference in your entire look. The fact is that 8 out of every 10 women choose the wrong size and shape of the bra. That’s why it’s so important for you to be assessed by a professional when you shop at a lingerie store. A good bra can help you to look much thinner.

5. Learn to buy skirts which go with your figure.

Skirts are a vital garment in every woman’s wardrobe. That’s why, if you have to buy one, keep in mind that it should be high-waisted. This is because low-cut skirts and pants only draw attention to that area and highlight those extra pounds you’re trying to hide.

6.  Belts are your best friends.

You should have at least one belt in your closet which goes with your outfit. You’d be surprised at how it can make you look skinnier by highlighting the smallest part of your body: Your waist. We recommend you use the belt with tops and dresses.

7. Use accessories in your favor.

Accessories are definitely capable of completely changing an outfit. That’s why we recommend using long necklaces, eye-catching bracelets, and large earrings. The idea is to avoid using small jewelry which can make you look bigger.

Also, if you must use a purse, we recommend using a large one that matches your style and personality.

8.  Sometimes simplicity is key.

Don’t exaggerate or go overboard when putting together your outfit. Sometimes the best solution is to go with simple items which are tailored to your size and style. Try to ensure your garments don’t have many fringes, creases or other exotic features. Sometimes these characteristics can add volume to your figure.

9. Skirts and dresses should be knee-length.

The general rule which every woman should follow (be they skinny or curvy) when choosing the length of a dress or skirt is to go with a garment that highlights the point at which your legs begin to look skinnier. That point is simply the knee or a little lower. You’ll see that your legs look longer and thinner.

10. Black never goes out of fashion.

That’s right, black is a classic which you can always resort to when in need of rescue. You can go for an all-black outfit from shirt to pants, or a simple dress, and you’ll see that it will give you an elegant silhouette.

Now you know the 9 tricks you should keep in mind when it comes time to buying clothes for your beautiful, curvy figure. Remember to always choose colors that go with your skin tone, as well as custom-fitting clothes: not too loose, nor too tight.

You’ll see that following these simple steps will turn your curves into your biggest asset.

The advice provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Some of the suggestions presented in this article may be harmful to health or may be dangerous. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for harm or other consequences that may be caused by using the information provided in the article.

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