9 Strangest Powers And Privileges Of Queen Elizabeth II


9 Strangest Powers And Privileges Of Queen Elizabeth II

In addition to a life of luxury and public admiration, there are other advantages to being a queen.


Here are 9 surprising powers Queen Elizabeth II has.

1. She owns dolphins and whales

Her adorable corgis are not her only pets. The Queen owns all swans in the river Thames, and dolphins, whales, and sturgeons within British waters.

2. She can’t be arrested


Elizabeth II or any other member of the royal family can’t ever be arrested. They are immune from prosecution. And, to top it off, all personal information about royals is strictly confidential.

3. She can travel without a passport

While her relatives still need this document, Elizabeth II doesn’t have to carry an ID when crossing a border. Technically, all British passports are issued by the Queen, so she doesn’t need one. 

4. She has her private ATM


There is a personal machine for withdrawing cash in the basement of Buckingham Palace. It was provided for the Queen by one of the most prestigious and respectable British banks.

5. She doesn’t have to pay taxes

Although she doesn’t have to, the Queen has been paying taxes since 1992 by choice. She’s been the Queen since 1952 – what took her so long? Just saying.

6. She is the head of the church


In addition to being the Queen, Elizabeth II is also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. But there’s one catch – she can’t convert to any other religion. If she does, she will lose her title.

7. She can drive without a license


Elizabeth II is the only British citizen allowed behind the wheel without a driver’s license. The Queen learned to drive during the World War II, when she was operating a first-aid truck for the Auxiliary Territorial Service. 

8. She has her own poet

This honorary position is currently held by Carol Ann Duffy. Although this role doesn’t entail any specific duties, the British Poet Laureate is expected to write for significant national occasions.

9. She celebrates birthdays twice a year


This awesome tradition was first introduced in the early XX century by King Edward VII, who was born in cold and rainy autumn, and didn’t want to hold festivals in such a bad weather. Since then, the monarch’s birthday has become a national holiday in June. Thus, Elizabeth II usually spends her real birthday (April, 21) with her closest family.


Which royal privilege was the most surprising for you? Would you like to have some of her powers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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