80-Year-Old Jane Fonda Is Still Slaying The Hollywood Game And Has No Plans To Retire


80-Year-Old Jane Fonda Is Still Slaying The Hollywood Game And Has No Plans To Retire

Jane Fonda, a legendary Hollywood actress, just got a documentary made about her life. Jane Fonda in Five Acts focuses on the movie star’s activist side. Fonda took part in numerous activities throughout her life, including the protests of wars in Vietnam and Iraq as well as feminism movement.


The 80-year-old actress thinks that people can learn a lot from the documentary. “I think that the story [of her life] is timeless,” she said.


With over 50 movies in her filmography, Jane Fonda is regarded as one of the most iconic figures in Hollywood’s history. In addition, her fitness videos are still largely popular and make a big impact on the video workout industry.

No end in sight

Most 80-year-olds are enjoying retirement but not Jane Fonda. She already took a break from acting in 1990 for 15 years, and it looks like she’s rested enough. Jane’s been back for a while, and she is stronger than ever.

© The China Syndrome (1979) / Columbia Pictures

Fonda is the co-lead of the TV show Grace and Frankie, along with another Hollywood old-timer, Lily Tomlin. The show has been on the air since 2015 and has received critical acclaim. In addition, Jane stars in movies in between filming of her show.


The famous actress isn’t afraid to talk about her experience with plastic surgery either. She admits that she did it to, in a way, stay relevant in relentless Hollywood, which did help. "I wish I were brave enough to not do plastic surgery but I think I bought myself a decade," she admitted.

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Jane Fonda cracked the Hollywood’s code and managed to make a permanent spot for herself in its history. We look at her and can’t help but admire her energy and spirit.

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