8 Tricks To Distinguish A Real Designer Bag From A Fake


8 Tricks To Distinguish A Real Designer Bag From A Fake

You’ve wanted that very Chanel 2.55 for a long time, and we can’t blame you! Perhaps, you even had to save some money to finally make the long-awaited purchase. But try to distance the excitement of anticipation from the act of buying. The fact that you came to a fancy handbag boutique doesn’t guaranty that you are going to end up with a real Chanel. It could be an expensive and quality fake. But the disappointment will be very real. In order not to get deceived and waste the money, check your new bag for these 8 features. Don’t worry if you take a while thoroughly inspecting an item. You are a customer, and it’s your right!

1. Quality of seams

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Most of the seams on brand bags are done by hand or with very high quality hand equipment with holes for stitches pierced with a special awl. The artisans have years of practice in their hands, so if you notice sloppy stiches, there is no way it could be the original.

2. Cutting corners

Keep in mind one simple truth: any expensive bag from a well-known brand is an investment. And the manufacturer knows it too well. The longer you wear it – the better it is for them, as the brand’s reputation is at stake. Quality in small details is the motto of big brands.

3. Hardware

Often, you can’t assuredly determine the quality of the materials used on the spot. And counterfeits can sometimes be very high quality. But the truth appears with wear. Many brands even put their own serial number on the underside of the metal hardware.

4. Materials

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Any known brand in the bag business uses only high-quality materials. There shouldn’t be any scuffs or stains.

5. Production and brand

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Since we are nitpicking over tiny details, let’s do it right. Go to the brand’s website and carefully inspect the logo. There should be a perfect match without inaccuracies or discrepancies. There are fakes that can use a different font or size or even spell the brand wrong.

6. Serial number

This is one of the most important signs of the authenticity of a product. At the same time, its presence does not guarantee that you are looking at the original. The serial number is connected to the tag in such a way that it can’t be removed without damaging it. Fake manufacturers usually go with stickers.

7. Packaging

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An expensive product is always packaged accordingly. The box usually looks no less presentable than its contents. This approach is a part of the brand philosophy. So, the packaging cost should be included in the product price.

8. Distinguishing features

These are brand image details. Before shopping, try to find out the signature features of the brands you are going to consider. For example, Prada never uses contrast lining, and in Christian Dior, it will always be red with logo weaved on it. So, a sparkling reddish lining should warn you.

And finally: it may sound cliché, but it’s better to by a quality no name and look stylish with it, than carry a fake Hermes thinking nobody will suspect a thing.

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