8 Examples Of How The Royal Couples Met, Fell In Love, And Got Married


8 Examples Of How The Royal Couples Met, Fell In Love, And Got Married

There are so many amazing stories of how couples meet and sometimes when we come across such stories; we’re left in awe. Some accounts are just so adorably cute that you can’t help but envy the couple.

While some are products of matchmaking, some are just fate, meeting by chance or love at first sight. And our royals are no different from the rest of us.

Here is a compilation of how the royals met and fell in love.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

8-year-old Princess Elizabeth and 13-year-old Prince Philip were guests at the wedding of Princess Mariana of Greece in 1934. But it was in 1939 that they properly stuck up a rapport.


While Prince Philip was in Dartmouth College as at then and was enlisted to entertain Elizabeth and her sister Margaret, they both knelt beside each other playing with a train set, Marion Crawford, the Princesses nanny recounted.

And just like that, these two were hooked.

Prince Charles and Camilla Shand

In 1971 when Charles was 22 and Camilla was 23, the two were introduced by a mutual friend of theirs at her apartment and Prince Charles fell for Camilla!


While Camilla liked the Prince, she was then in love with her then boyfriend Andrew Parker. After a very complicated relationship that lasted over 30 years, Prince Charles and Camilla later tie the knot in 2005.

Princess Anne and Mark Phillip

Way back in 1972, Princess Anne and Mark Phillip were both champions when they met at the Munich Olympic Games.


A year before they met, Anne had won a gold medal at the European Championship, while Mark won gold in Munich. They got married just over a year after they met.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

Diana had known the Royal family her entire life, she was said to be play buddies with Prince Andrew and Edward. She finally met Prince Charles when he came to stay at her family home.


At the time, the prince was dating her sister Sarah, he was 28 years old, while Diana was just 16. Two years later, their path crossed, they chatted and it was epic; six months later, they were engaged.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

Sarah who was friends with Lady Diana also ran in the same circle with Prince Andrew. Besides that, her father was the Polo Manager for the royal family.


In 1985, Sarah was invited to stay with the queen at Windsor Castle and she was said to have sat next to Prince Andrew at lunch on the first day. They were married over a year later and welcomed their two princesses.

Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence

Princess Anne met her second husband just about when her marriage to her first husband was ending. In 1989, their relationship was brought to the limelight when a letter intended for Anne written by Timothy was stolen. They got married three years later.


Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones

Edward and Sophie met in 1987 while Sophie was working as a press officer for Capital Radio and as at then, he was dating one of her friends. Their path crossed in 1993 at a charity tennis match and their love story began. Six years later, they got married.


Prince William and Kate Middleton

These two met in 2001 at St. Andrews University. Kate was smitten when she met the Prince. They remained friends for over a year and from then on, their relationship blossomed.

Ten years and two breakups later, they got married and come 2018, they will both celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary.


Our royal couples may live in castles and wear crowns with servants at their back and call, but they’re just as human as the rest of us.

Which of these stories you liked the most?

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