7 Tips That Help To Say 'No' To Wasting Money In Supermarkets


7 Tips That Help To Say 'No' To Wasting Money In Supermarkets

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Have you ever had the feeling after leaving a supermarket that you’ve spent a lot more than you expected, and you bought practically nothing? Does it seem that your every trip to a supermarket is hard to remember, and later you can’t come up with a reason why you bought this or that product?

The point is that standing there, in the middle of shelves and tons of products, everyone has a feeling they need everything they see. Suddenly, you want to buy something that you’ve recently seen on TV, and it’s only one of the reasons we buy and spend more than we have initially planned. To avoid this feeling, here are 10 working tips that will help you save some money at least while shopping at a supermarket.

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1. Start in the middle. If you imagine your local supermarket right now, you’ll remember that the brightest products are on the right and left sides of the area, while less vibrant products are in the middle.

2. Learn to ditch. There’s nothing wrong in refusing from buying something, even when you’re standing in a checkout lane. Studies have revealed that in the majority of cases, people have second thoughts when standing there. And that’s the reason they are so narrow. The lack of space makes it more difficult to return and give back a product.

3. Tip on buying meat. It’s more convenient to buy a larger piece of meat and have a supermarket worker slice it for you. Also, you can ask to have the bone removed, so that you can make soup out of it, and the rest you can have grindered, and all that is for free. The only thing you need to do is ask.

4. Music does matter. As a rule, supermarket music is slow but engaging. It makes us move slower, choosing products. Try wearing your headphones with fast workout music, and you’ll notice it will make you run faster through the stalls and buy less in the end.

5. Promotions aren’t always fair. "10 for $10" promotion isn’t always as great as it seems. Try doing some math before you put this kind of offer into your cart, as there can be a trick.

6. Thaw yourself. Instead of buying seafood at a counter, try going to a "Previously frozen" section. You’ll see the products there are the same, but at the counter, they can be up to 40% more expensive.

7. Don’t fill your shopping cart to the full. Just take a basket instead, as this huge cart and lots of space in there makes people subconsciously want to pack it to the fullest.

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