7 Strange Women Secrets You Will Hardly Ever Discuss In Public


7 Strange Women Secrets You Will Hardly Ever Discuss In Public



Every woman has secrets she doesn’t tell anyone about. Some are silent about the name of the beloved perfumes, while others will never give the number of their favorite hairdresser. However, some secrets unite almost all women. Talking about them isn’t quite common and comfortable. However, you shouldn’t be embarrassed with them – other women are doing exactly the same things. Let’s check it out.

1. Women make depilation less often with the advent of winter

In the summer, hair removal is a mandatory procedure. However, once the cold weather comes, women do it less often. When a woman doesn’t have a partner, or he is far away, she shaves her legs only when she puts on a skirt or a dress.

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2. Women have trousers they will need in case of losing weight

A real woman will never throw out her trousers, even if she doesn’t wear them. They are often put on the shelf for things that are intended for the specific day. Once every few months, you need to try on your special trousers to find out how much weight you’ve lost.

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3. Women wear torn stockings with the trousers

Sometimes, you buy a pair of stockings, and they immediately tear. You don’t want to throw them away, so you try to give them a second chance. In winter, they can be worn together with the pants and no one will find out!

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4. Women buy sports equipment and don’t use it

Every Monday, after the holidays and significant dates, women promise to begin a new life. If the gym idea doesn’t work out, they swear to train at home. They buy a yoga mat, stepper, hoop, and other irrelevant stuff. A few days after exhausting training, they simply forget and don’t use it anymore. Luckily, nobody finds out about this secret.

5. Single women combine horoscopes and check the name of the men they like

After the first meeting with a man of her dreams, a woman may suspect something is amiss. Therefore, it is necessary to check the horoscope compatibility. It doesn’t matter if she believes it or not, but it’s worth reading just in case. If a man turns out to be good, a woman tries on his surname. In some cases, a woman can even imagine a wedding. The main thing is not to frighten him away.


6. Petite women can eat a large pizza on her own

If a woman eats in a company or in front of a man, she prefers a leaf of lettuce. However, it doesn’t mean anything. Alone, she is capable of eating much more. When a woman is hungry, she will eat the entire pizza. The empty box will be thrown away at night so that neighbors couldn’t see.

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7. Women buy uncomfortable shoes

Every woman has a collection of gorgeous shoes, in which she feels convenient only when sitting. However, beauty is always painful.

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Don’t consider this list serious – treat it with humor. Have you recognized yourself in any example? Share your other deep secrets in the comments!

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