7 Avocado Tips On How To Pick, Store, And Eat Them Properly To Boost Health Benefits


7 Avocado Tips On How To Pick, Store, And Eat Them Properly To Boost Health Benefits

Avocados are one of the most delicious things on the planet. Plus, they’ve been shown to possess a great variety of nutrients and natural fats which are beneficial for the health. Even though we all love eating a delicious avocado, many of us don’t know how to make the most of them.

So, here are 7 very important things you should know about avocados:

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1. There are two types of avocados

Hass avocados are the most common variety. They have dark-colored skin and are medium-sized. They’re perfect for making guacamole, due to their creamy texture. On the other hand, Florida avocados are larger, perfect for salads or sandwiches, but not as good for guacamole.

2. How to pick them

It’s very simple. Don’t press the avocado. What you need to do is remove the stem. If it can be removed easily and the inside is green, it means that the avocado is ripe.

3. How to quickly ripen green avocados

Bake it in the oven. Cut it in half, add lemon juice and salt, then bake it for 10 minutes at 300°F.

If you need to ripen it for the next day: Place the avocado into a paper bag with an apple, banana, or pear. Close the bag tightly and leave it out at room temperature.


4. Store them in the fridge

If they’re ripe, store them whole, since the colder temperature will delay the ripening process.

5. How to keep it green after cutting into it

Store together with half an onion in a sealed container.

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6. Use it to make bread

Substitute butter with avocado flesh in recipes for brownies, cookies, or muffins.

7. It’s the best-kept beauty secret

Avocados have many benefits for the body. It’s full of vitamin E, which is essential for looking after the skin and hair. Apply ripe avocado to your hair or on your face with a little honey and you’ll see spectacular results.

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