65-Year-Old Woman Gets Tranformed Into Her 45-Year-Old Self With A Minimal Yet Stunning Makeover


65-Year-Old Woman Gets Tranformed Into Her 45-Year-Old Self With A Minimal Yet Stunning Makeover



Today’s fashion industry continues to focus its products and services to facilitate people under the age of 35. Older women are still very much deprived of style guidance. That’s where Christopher Hopkins enters the scene to be their savior.

The appearance aficionado has penned Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45. In the book, he has mentioned his belief that every lady becomes more attractive as she ages. The only problem is under-grooming and poor maintenance. Hopkins has a salon in Minneapolis where he helps elderly women reclaim their lost beauty.

Minimalistic modification

The master of beauty, Christopher Hopkins is affectionately known as The Makeover Guy. His latest client, Marlene from Richfield came to his studio in hopes of discovering a new look. For her bright-hued hair, she frequently used hot rollers. The lady had grown weary from the tedious task of curling them.

Christopher chopped off the rough edges of her lifeless hair. He also introduced a lighter shade to her tresses. The style guru cut her locks in a way that they became self-managed. With that ease in her outlook, Marlene seemed way younger than before. Her face was lifted and her features were highlighted.

People think her youth’s been revived

@Julie Plant:

From 65 to 45! She’s darling and looks pert and classy. Good job Christopher. The blonde hair brightened her up! Pretty!💖🤗🙋🏼‍♀️

@Josie’s Journey:

Not a big change in style and yet she looks a lot different… younger, more vibrant… even looks like she lost weight… She looks great!


You look 10 years younger and beautiful.

@Denise Dalton:

Beautiful work on her best features..Her joy was wonderful to see..The makeup artists do wonderful work regarding skin colour/eye shapes/colour of eyes+shading..💋

Hats off to the Makeover Guy. He truly brought out the best in Marlene. Her transformation wasn’t dramatic but, still, very significant. Share this and compliment the gorgeous lady.

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