64-Year-Old Woman Decided To Check Off Items On The Bucket List Of A Deceased 21-Year-Old Girl


64-Year-Old Woman Decided To Check Off Items On The Bucket List Of A Deceased 21-Year-Old Girl


When you’re young, it seems that you have all the time in the world. You plan your future and dream. Unfortunately, not all stories have a happy ending.

Kristina Chesterman was only 21 when she got into a traffic accident while returning home from school. She was taken to the hospital, but despite all the doctors’ efforts, her life couldn’t be saved.

A few days later Kristina was declared brain dead. The 21-year-old was studying to become a nurse. She wanted to help people and save lives, which she did even after hers was cut short: Kristina had become an organ donor.

She saved several lives and left a list of things she had planned to do in her lifetime.

Susan Vieira was 64, 3 times older than Kristina, when she got a second chance. The woman suffered from chronic heart failure and needed a heart transplant. Kristina became her donor.

Later, the woman set out to find the girl’s relatives and express her gratitude to them. Having met Kristina’s mother, Ms. Vieira felt a special connection. It was from the girl’s mom that Susan learned about the girl’s bucket list.

Kristina dreamed of traveling the world, riding a camel, running in a blooming poppy field, flying a hot air balloon, and even learning how to fly a plane.

Unfortunately, not all dreams come true. Yet, Kristina’s list became much more than just a list of unfulfilled wishes. Despite her graceful age, Susan promised the girl’s parents to check as many items as her health would let her in memory of Kristina.

Although organ recipients often want to meet the family of their savior, the desire isn’t always mutual. It may be too painful a reminder that the loved one is gone. We can assume that Kristina’s mother was deeply touched by Susan’s impulse of devoting the rest of her life fulfilling her daughter’s dreams. And how would you take this gesture from a stranger?

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