61-Year-Old Grandma Having 7 Kids Happily Married Her 35-Year-Old Lover: Welfare Funding Took Care Of Their Dream Wedding Expenses


61-Year-Old Grandma Having 7 Kids Happily Married Her 35-Year-Old Lover: Welfare Funding Took Care Of Their Dream Wedding Expenses

Having dreams is what keeps us alive. Not even at their own expense, some fortunate people have been able to realize those wishes. Yeah, you read it right!

Government funding

According to National Stats, the UK government spends nearly £264 billion on welfare each year. It almost reaches 34% of all governmental expenses. As welfare covers a large number of benefits, people have made their own personal claims to suit themselves.


Some couples are not afraid to be tricky enough to have their weddings paid by the money of diligent taxpayers. The overweight bride-to-be, Anna Broom has stayed unemployed since 2011.

She officially proved herself to be unfit to work having chronic depression and back pain. She already gets £800 a month in benefits with fiancé Jordan Burford.

Now, she plans her dream £10,000 wedding with a horse-drawn carriage and honeymoon in Mexico funded by the government. She absurdly told DailyMail UK:

It’s my human right!

Hey you guys, wait up, we have got one more main couple who has played the same card in their favor! 

The jobless couple had their dream wedding

Unemployed Richard Broom and the granny bride Sandra Gallagher, who were 35 and 61 at the time, tied the knot in 2015. The couple was thankful to the taxpayers who made their beautiful dreamy wedding a reality. They also went off to enjoy their wedding night in a London hotel as well.

The couple surprisingly moaned that they will be worse off married because they can’t claim as much as being singles. They even bragged to plan a full-fledged government funded luxury honeymoon in Malaysia. The groom who hasn’t worked in last few years revealed to Mirror UK

We are so lucky to have a system that allows that in the UK. We all deserve a wedding bonus funded by taxpayers because when people on ­benefits marry they get less money.

Despite their scarce budget, the pair improvised to spend £5,000, celebrating their big day with Sadra’s other 7 kids. The couple is happy and thinking about having a baby together soon.

Well, there is a fair amount of strategy to learn from them!

Their future plan

Sandra has been out of work for more than 40 years living entirely on welfare benefits. But she wishes Richard, her loving and tender husband, to become a Hollywood star. For herself, the granny is convinced she can still conceive a child without fertility treatment.

Richard, who is actively searching for a job now, optimistically told The Sun News:

I would absolutly love to have children with Sandra, she’s the love of my life. I know
she’ll be an awesome mom because she’s been great seven times already.

Bizarre! Odd! Strange!….. Guys, we are running out of words for this couple. Help us out and share your thoughts by leaving your precious comments!

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