6 Strange Words Created By Legendary Prince And Meaning Behind Them


6 Strange Words Created By Legendary Prince And Meaning Behind Them

Prince was one of a kind performer, incredible artist, and genius musician. His music was wild and cosmic, his lyrics were honest and heart-touching, even though sometimes the singer used a quite peculiar language.


And today, we will explain you the true meaning of the six eccentric words made up by the talented musician.

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1. Superfunkycalifragisexy

This word was created back in 1987 when Prince worked on The Black Album. And even though the album was released in a limited edition, we all know the famous song with very puzzling lyrics.

The word itself defines “a heightened feeling of excitement, adrenaline, and lust,” according to Urban Dictionary.

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2. Hundalasiliah!

This strange word can be heard in the single ‘Eye’ No. While it does not really sound like the traditional “Hallelujah,” it is, in fact, Prince’s version of the word.


3. Shockadelica

There are two popular theories about the meaning of this one on Prince’s official forum. According to the first version, Shockadelica is a mysterious female character from Prince’s song of the same name. The other version suggests that the word refers not to the woman from the song but to the feeling of loneliness caused by her.


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4. Lovesexy

Lovesexy is the title of Prince’s 10th studio album released back in 1988. According to his own definition, this word describes the feeling a person experiences when falling in love “with the heavens above.”

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5. Plectrumelectrum

Plectrumelectrum is the name of Prince’s 2014 album and one of the latest weird terms created by the musician. The most notable thing about this album was the appearance of 3rdEyeGirl, the backing band of the singer.


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As for “plectrumelectrum,” the term obviously consists of two words: plectrum (a guitar pick) and electrum (golden alloy for ancient jewelry). And while the true meaning behind this combination remains a mystery, it sounds so much like Prince.


6. The Love Symbol

While it is not exactly a word, Prince was the one who created the mysterious sign in the early 1990s. The musician usually called it “the Love Symbol.” Later, the funky combination of the two gender symbols became Prince’s official logo that could be seen everywhere: from the album covers to the shape of the stage he performed at.


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In 2007, Prince performed at the NFL’s Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show, and the entire scene was shaped as his famous symbol. The most amazing thing about that night was that the singer performed under the pouring rain as if matching the title of one of his most iconic singles – Purple Rain. You can watch that fabulous performance in the video below.

When the musician passed away in 2016, the world had lost one of its greatest talents. But as long as people keep listening to his music and singing his songs, Prince will live in our hearts and souls.

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