5 Signs That Give Away A Woman Who Has Problems In Private Life


5 Signs That Give Away A Woman Who Has Problems In Private Life

Solitude is not a bad thing in itself. When we are alone we can devote more time to ourselves, develop more and get acquainted with new people. Being single has its own charms, but ironically it is best valued by married people with children.

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that there is a type of single women, from a single look at which you know they have problems in private life. /

Let’s figure out how to spot such women in a crowd and how not to be taken for one.

1. She is too curious

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She is interested in everything: who, when, with whom, and why. She likes to savor the details of other people’s lives, discuss and label them. Women of this type have nothing but loneliness and boredom in their personal lives, so they feel the urge to stick their nose in other people’s dirty laundry. They often spend a lot of time in social networks, following the lives of their equals and ladies more successful in their opinion.

Way out: get your OWN life and focus on your own business. Suppress any attempts to get into someone else’s life.

2. Not happy with herself

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Her eyes are blank and in most cases, she is unhappy with herself. Often, she attributes her loneliness to allegedly unattractive looks and goes deeper in her self-rejection.

Way out: make a list of what you don’t like about yourself. Analyze it. Remove far-fetched problems, buckle down and give your best shot solving the real ones. Pimples? It’s time to finally go to the dermatologist! You don’t like the way you dress? You can consult a stylist or (armed with magazines and fashion blogs) analyze your wardrobe yourself and go shopping.

3. Exhausted /

Always tired and sleepy. There are so many interesting things out there, but it’s easier for her to come home and crawl into bed turning on a TV or going through accounts in social networks, or both. It’s like a vicious circle: tired – unhappy – lazy – unwilling to do anything – apathetic – tired…

Way out: “If you ever need a helping hand, it’s at the end of your arm” (Audrey Hepburn). You can get out of this vicious circle only if you want to. Start small. Invite a colleague after work to a movie or cafe. Or, when you come home, don’t lie down, but go in for sports, massage, face masks, get a hobby. Having done something useful for yourself, you will no longer want to waste time over trifles.

4. Envious /

Since there is little interesting going on in her life, she seeks satisfaction in the others’ success. Thus, envy is born.

Way out: getting rid of this in one day may be difficult, but once you focus on yourself and your achievements, the success of others will stop worrying you. Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday!

5. Dressed provocatively


A woman happy and content with her current situation does not dress vulgarly and provocatively. Her inner peace is reflected in many things, including clothes. So above all, she chooses comfortable clothes. And all these mini-skirts, deep necklines and body-tight dresses literally scream: “My owner is lonely, and it’s bad! Please, pay attention to us!” There are better ways to deal with it!

Way out: when you sort things out inside, your appearance will also transform. You will not need that flaring clothes anymore.

Have you seen this type of women? We are very interested in reading your observations!

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