5 Good Movies About Psychotherapy And Psychology


5 Good Movies About Psychotherapy And Psychology

Although not everybody can make a decent psychotherapist, a great number of people love this topic and constantly strive to better understand the human mind and subconsciousness. Movies and books are the best helpers you can find at a low price. If you are interested in psychotherapy and psychology, the following 5 movies should be on the list of your favorite movies!

"Shutter Island," 2010

© Shutter Island (2010) / Paramount Pictures

The director of the movie is Martin Scorsese. "Shutter Island" is a psychological thriller, so it keeps the viewer in suspense almost all the time. After all, the events are set in a clinic for mentally ill criminals. Leonardo DiCaprio brilliantly portrays the main character. Simply watching this fascinating story is not enough; you should try to solve the main intrigue on your own!

"A Dangerous Method," 2011

© A Dangerous Method (2011) / Sony Pictures Classics

The director of the movie is David Cronenberg. Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbender brilliantly coped with their roles. Michael Fassbender portrayed the character of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, and Keira Knightly played the role of Sabina Spielrein, who was first Jung’s patient and then became a psychoanalyst.

Sabina was Jung’s student, so it is quite intriguing and interesting to watch the development of the relationship between the two. Dialogues played an important role in the movie. Although Jung was Freud’s successful student, the woman changed their entire relationship.

"The Secret Scripture," 2016

© The Secret Scripture (2016) / Irish Film Board

The director of the movie is Jim Sheridan. The film tells the story of a female patient at a psychiatric hospital. The woman has been in the hospital for so long that nobody even remembers the reason she was admitted. Against the backdrop of this tragedy, viewers watch a heart-rending romantic love story from the patient’s past. Although the film leaves a really sad feeling, it will be a true revelation for lovers of such stories.

"Special Treatment," 2010

© Special Treatment (2010) / Liaison Cinématographique

The director of the movie is Jeanne Labrune. The movie tells the story of an elderly but successful representative of an expensive escort service. At some point, the woman comes to realize that age requires a change in one’s activities. But all this is far more complicated than it may seem at first glance. Eventually, she meets a psychotherapist. Surprisingly, they manage to help each other take the right path.

"Analyze This," 1999

© Analyse This (1999) / Warner Brothers

The director of the movie is Harold Ramis. Even if you are a mafiozi, you can still have a nervous breakdown. Due to a "successful" car accident, a mafia man meets a psychoanalyst. Interestingly, the crime boss is to become the patient of this very psychoanalyst.

This is a comedy, so viewers can have fun watching the mafiozi trying to beat the system without caring about the schedule and planning to fill the life of the doctor. Eager to find out whether the doctor can eventually help his dangerous patient? Go ahead and watch the movie.

All 5 of these movies reveal the topic from different angles, but they are equally interesting. We strongly suggest you watch these movies and share your impressions in the comments. Enjoy watching!

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