5 Core Rules Of Makeup Or How To Look Gorgeous


5 Core Rules Of Makeup Or How To Look Gorgeous

Nowadays, almost every woman wears makeup daily. Some of them even prefer wearing it while staying at home.


Modern makeup

In modern culture, makeup has become a certain form of self-expression. It transformed into an anti-anxiety tool. It helps many people with low self-esteem. Moreover, makeup has become a specific form of art, which helps develop one’s creativity and talent.


On the other hand, makeup degrades a woman’s natural beauty and raises the standard so high, that it is almost considered to be uncivilized not to wear any makeup. Nevertheless, it is a free choice for everyone.

In case you want to have a perfect makeup, here are 5 core rules you should follow:

1. Too much product.

Always remember that “too much” is bad with almost everything in our world (maybe except money). Hence, when applying foundation, less means better. Try to enhance your skin, and not hide it under the layers of cosmetics.

2. Foundation in the hairline.

This is simple. Start applying foundation from the center of your face, and then gently blend it outwards. There should be much less of the product on your brush by the time you get to your hairline.

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3. Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

The point is that our faces aren’t symmetrical. Eyebrows are not an exception to this. Don’t try to make them identical to each other. Otherwise, you risk looking too cartoonish.


4. You have your own unique face.

Try to accept the fact that none of the makeup guides out there is perfectly right for you. Your job is to see the beauty of your own face, not somebody else’s. Then try to emphasize and support your face’s unique features. Have a crush on yourself!

5. Do not neglect your health.

Makeup can sometimes hide an unhealthy skin. However, it is essential to look after yourself. Drink water, eat well, and exercise! These are 3 key components of a healthy skin.


In conclusion, we would like to say that you are beautiful, no matter what you think of yourself. We are sure that you can find it in yourself!


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