5 Clothes That Visually Add Quite A Few Pounds And Their Alternatives


5 Clothes That Visually Add Quite A Few Pounds And Their Alternatives

Slim girls think they can pull off any clothes. But, in practice, it isn’t so.

Now, by the example of stars, we will prove that even the best figure can be ruined with a single item of clothing. Down with such traitors!

1. Baggy dresses

Many mistakenly think that baggy clothes hide extra pounds creating an illusion of a slender figure. In fact, even on the slimmest girl, a dress like this may look like a tea cozy. A vivid example of this is Victoria Bonya.

When Victoria opts for a tighter dress, the effect is absolutely different.

2. Asymmetrical bottom dresses and skirts

The most common option is with a short front. At first glance, this outfit looks perfectly fine: it opens legs and catches eyes. However, in fact, you should be very careful with this style. First, it shortens the legs and “crops” the figure. Also, it adds volume. Let’s take Emma Watson as an example. Of all actresses, she has the fewest reasons to complain about her figure. Just look at her in this dress.


Hips got rounded, considerably, and the legs became visually shorter.

Mind that Emma’s figure is nothing sort of perfect!


3. Baby-doll dresses

Of course, these dresses look cute, but only if you are not older than 12. They only disfigure grown “girls” and make any woman look desperately trying to look younger. This style also shortens the legs and increases the hips.


Don’t you believe us? Take a look at slender Jennifer Aniston. The actress has never had problems with excess weight, but this dress spoils even her famously beautiful figure.


In a different outfit, Jennifer’s figure instantly became more balanced.

4. Horizontal striped dresses


Your body needs to be perfect to parade in such garments. Alas, a horizontal stripe can spoil even seemingly ideal forms. American actress Jessie Mueller tried and… goofed up.

It’s her again, this time without stripes. The difference is immense!


And the color of stripes doesn’t matter. You are sure to look a few pounds larger, even if the stripes are yellow, red, blue, or green.

5. Boyfriend jeans


These, perhaps, are one of the best jeans. They sure are convenient, but they are not for everybody, as they “crop” the legs and visually enlarge hips.

This can be witnessed by looking at Australian actress Nathalie Kelley.

In a different, more fitting model of trousers, she is much slimmer. Visually, of course.

Which of these do you wear?

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