4 Types Of Skin Aging And How To Prevent The Signs


4 Types Of Skin Aging And How To Prevent The Signs

No one can stop the aging process, no matter how badly we want it. Did you know that there are only 4 main types of skin aging? If you look at the photos of mature and elderly age celebrities, you can easily identify the typical skin changes and divide them into groups.

Each type of aging requires an individual approach. Today, we will tell you about the distinctive features of each, and also how to slow down the aging process.

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1. Deformational


This type occurs mostly in women who easily gain weight. Facial contour is deforming, and creases occur on the neck and in the décolleté region due to excess subcutaneous fat. The skin becomes flabby, but pigmented spots and wrinkles are rare with this type of aging.

How to prevent it:

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  • facial gymnastics and face-building;
  • peeling and laser rejuvenation;
  • massages to maintain muscle tone;
  • myostimulation.

2. Tired


Cosmetologists call this type of aging the most natural and sparing. Usually, it occurs with skinny women having an oval-shaped face. This type is characterized by a small puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, nasolabial folds, and also the lowering of the corners of the mouth. All these signs of aging make the face look tired.

How to prevent it:

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  • 8-hour sleep;
  • careful skin care in accordance with the type of skin;
  • myostimulation, ultrasound therapy;
  • nourishing masks, chemical face peeling;
  • skin cleansing with toning lotions.

3. Muscular


People with this type of aging usually have well-developed facial muscles. It is also characterized by the occurrence of pigment spots, “crow’s feet,” folds in the nasolabial area and lowered corners of the mouth. At the same time, the skin can remain smooth for a long time, and the face contour is preserved up to the deep, old age.

How to prevent it:

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  • mesotherapy and ultrasound therapy;
  • contrast showers (alternating warm and cold water);
  • face-building and facial massage;
  • food rich in magnesium;
  • chemical peeling.

4. Mixed


The oval of the face doesn’t deform over the years, the double chin does not appear, but often, the skin is getting covered with fine-scaled wrinkles quite early. In addition, this type is characterized by redness and irritation on the face, but a strong muscle tone helps to retain its structure for a long time.

How to prevent it:

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Unfortunately, all of us will face the signs of the aging process, but knowing your type and taking the necessary measures, you can prolong the youthfulness of your skin. Share this useful information with your loved ones!

The material in this article is for informational purposes only. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not recommend that the reader rely fully on the information provided above.

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