4 Tips To Achieve Kate Middleton's Natural Makeup Look


4 Tips To Achieve Kate Middleton's Natural Makeup Look

The members of the British royal family are always in the spotlight! Millions of people follow the Royals’ each step and some people even imitate them. Kate Middleton has undoubtedly been one of the most popular royals in recent years.

She is an object of admiration for millions of people around the world. Her elegant and restrained style constantly impresses thousands of fans. It goes without saying that the outfits of the Duchess are always elegant and stunning.

However, we are not going to talk about the beauty’s wardrobe this time. Another important detail that makes her image complete is her natural makeup.


Beauty expert Sonia Haria from the UK reveals the secrets of Kate Middleton’s makeup. Below are tips on how to master royal makeup.

1. Prime


Kate’s skin always looks fresh and moist, and you will never see a trace any vulgar shine on the royal’s face. The Duchess achieves this effect with the help of a silicone primer applied on her face before applying foundation. This allows for smoothing of the skin and making it look poreless.

2. Tone

To create the natural tone of her face, Kate uses a matting foundation that is applied only to the problem areas of her face. Afterwards, she uses a concealer. Slight contouring at the temples visually narrows an oval face. Another secret that helps the Duchess of Cambridge maintain a natural skin color is organic rosehip oil from the New Zealand Trilogy brand.

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Kate uses concealer to hide the traces of a sleepless night. She takes the concealer out just past the eye area. The final stage involves applying a powder blush of a golden or peach hue.

3. Lips


When it comes to choosing a lipstick, Kate gives preference to natural tones. The Duchess often uses a transparent lip gloss. Kate sticks to the golden rule of makeup – either you put an accent on your lips or your eyes. Kate prefers to emphasize her eyes!

4. Eyes and eyebrows

A soft smokey brown eyeshadow paired with mascara perfectly emphasize the Duchess’s green eyes. Brown shades are often complemented by a light tint near the eyebrow line. For evening makeup, Kate uses a black eye pencil applied to the line of eyelash growth of the upper eyelid.


Sometimes the Duchess emphasizes her lower eyelids too by using a smokey grey shadow instead of a black pencil. The final stage of Kate’s makeup is dark mascara.

Now that you know the secrets of Kate Middleton’s feminine and natural make-up, you can achieve a similar effect. If you are a lover of Kate Middleton’s style, follow our tips and stay beautiful! And a final tip for you – don’t forget to make sure your makeup is appropriate for the event you are attending!

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