4 Simple Measures To Take When A Cellphone Is Too Warm Or Even Hot


4 Simple Measures To Take When A Cellphone Is Too Warm Or Even Hot

One of the things that most concerns people today is when their cell phones get too warm.


The truth is that this can happen for several reasons. For example, if you are using your smartphone for a long time to do things that demand a lot from the device, such as recording videos or playing video games that require a good processor, it is very likely that your cell phone will warm up very quickly.

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So what can you do if you mobile device is as hot as a volcano?

1. Put your phone aside.

The obvious thing to do if your cell phone starts to feel hot is to put it aside for a while and let it be. But if your cell phone is warming simply by performing its basic functions, well, then you have a problem. Do not be alarmed, though.

2. Turn off all the unnecessary programs.

There is a solution for everything and there are some hacks to help you deal with it. Before anything else, turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth, and then close all the apps that are not being used.

You have already done all this and it did not work? Well, there are a few more things that you can try.

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3. Restore your phone.

Restoring your smartphone to the original configuration, resetting it completely and then installing the apps again, one by one may sound like a lot but it is a solution.

4. Change the battery.

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, you can replace the battery, but this is an option only if your device has a removable battery.

If these hacks do not work, it may be better to seek specialized technical assistance or exchange your phone for a new one soon. But it is worth trying, at least, isn’t it?

Easy tips how to prevent your phone from overheating

If your phone gets too hot, all sorts of unpleasant things can happen to it, including battery drain or complete shutdown.

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So how to prevent this from happening? These tips will help:

  • don’t put your phone on direct sunlight as it will catch the hit from the sun and retain in;
  • turn your phone on airplane mode when you don’t use it;
  • if you don’t use an app, turn it off because they can run in the background and drain the battery;
  • try not to turn your brightness up too much as it will make your phone work harder;
  • if you feel like your phone is getting hot, take it out of the case because the case tends to trap the heat.

Easy-peasy, right? Just be aware when you are using (or not using) your mobile device to make sure it’s not overheating.

The advice provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Some of the suggestions presented in this article may be harmful to health or may be dangerous. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for harm or other consequences that may be caused by using the information provided in the article.

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