3-Year-Old Girl With Twisted Legs Took Her First Steps


3-Year-Old Girl With Twisted Legs Took Her First Steps



Even when pregnancy proceeds well in the early stages, some parents are faced with a difficult choice mid-term: to interrupt or take responsibility for raising a disabled child. Some pathologies affect mental abilities, others, physical. All of them become the reason for most of the abortions or refusals from “unhealthy” children.

At the same time, some incredibly brave people not only give life to the long-awaited baby, but also do everything possible to give him/her as normal a life as possible. In spring 2019, Victoria Komada became the focus of many publications for exactly this reason.

Because of her rare genetic condition, the baby was called “one in a million.”

Both of the girl’s legs were deformed: underdeveloped shortened limbs were bent in the opposite direction, with some bones in their structure that were missing.

The parents were recommended to go for amputation of both legs and accustom Victoria to using prostheses. However, they didn’t give up hopes of finding another solution.

One of the Florida clinics agreed on a complicated, rare, and very expensive operation costing about $250,000. If it weren’t for the people’s support, the family would hardly have been able to collect this amount. Luckily, the entire family soon moved from Poland to the USA.

9 months in the hospital and two complicated surgeries gave Victoria a chance to live the life of a healthy child. During the operations, the surgeons literally piecemealed one of the girl’s legs. The kid suffered a lot, but every week, she felt less pain until she was finally able to walk on her own. In fall 2019, she will already go to school, just like all normal kids.

Tibial hemimelia (Victoria’s defect) is a rare congenital deformity that prevents the shin bone from developing or doesn’t allow it to grow at all. It is characterized by a violation of proportions in the legs’ structure, and deformities of the ankle and knee joints. In severe cases, the condition may be complicated by several other syndromes and developmental pathologies. Nevertheless, there is always a way out: orthopedic treatment in combination with surgery.

Victoria is a real fighter. Her case is even more unusual than one in a million since bilateral hemimelia occurs only every three occasions of the total number registered. However, this isn’t the only pathology of intrauterine development affecting the musculoskeletal system in general and the structure of the tibia in particular.

We have already told you about small Filipino Aldrin. Such congenital dysplasia of the knee occurs about once in every 100,000 births. It made him look like a grasshopper, and was cause of much suffering from ridicule and bullying.

3-Year-Old Girl With Twisted Legs Took Her First Steps timtebowfoundation / YouTube

Here, the help of conscious people provided him with a chance for a normal life. Aldrin also underwent a complicated surgery, following by slow but steady recovery.

3-Year-Old Girl With Twisted Legs Took Her First Steps' src=' timtebowfoundation / YouTube

3-Year-Old Girl With Twisted Legs Took Her First Steps' src=' timtebowfoundation / YouTube

It is always tough to see a child’s torment, but in most cases, there is a chance for a healthy life. These two stories aren’t unique, but each of them is evidence that miracles do happen.

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