3 People Were Killed And 20 Other Injured After A Van Crashed Into A Crowd In Germany


3 People Were Killed And 20 Other Injured After A Van Crashed Into A Crowd In Germany

A terrible tragedy took place in German city of Muenster on Saturday. A van crashed into a crowd leaving 3 people killed and 20 other seriously injured.

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An accident or a deliberate attack?

On April 7, a small town of Muenster in Germany mourned a tragic loss of three innocent lives. A delivery van crashed into a crowd of people sitting on the open terrace of a popular local bar.

3 people were dead and 20 other hospitalized with severe injuries, six of them are in critical condition. Witnesses saw people ran away screaming from the city square after the crash.


According to the German security service, there was no indication of an Islamic extremist background, however, the local authorities consider the incident as a deliberate attack because the van driver shot and killed himself after the crash. The police are investigating in all directions, and further details of the tragedy are still to be revealed.

The attack took place in the old part of the city, one of the most popular areas for tourists and local citizens.



The White House expressed their support to the German authorities:

While the German authorities have not yet announced a motive for this cowardly attack on innocent people, we condemn it regardless, and pledge any support from the United States Government that Germany may need.

A lot of people took to Twitter to express their condolences. Donald Trump Jr. also made a statement saying the tragedy “doesn’t sound like a simple accident to him.”


We pray for all people who got hurt in the crash and hope for their soon recovery.  Our condolences to the families of those who were killed in the attack.


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