3 Greatest Fears That Prevent You From Being Happy And Enjoying Your Life


3 Greatest Fears That Prevent You From Being Happy And Enjoying Your Life



What are the main components of happiness? All of us may name them differently, but the most common will be career success, family well-being, and reciprocal love. However, we are unlikely to achieve harmony in life if we ourselves sabotage our path to it.


Many of us tend to make decisions driven by our fears. However, to fulfill your dreams and find your cherished happiness, it is important to learn how to overcome all phobias. What actually prevents you from enjoying life?

3 greatest fears that prevent you from being happy

1. Fear of loneliness


One of the most common fears. Many women are simply not able to be alone with themselves for a long time; it is vital for them to share their feelings and thoughts with others. If there are no men around, and all the friends are busy with their families, we start to feel that we are no longer needed.

If you feel particularly painful about loneliness, even for a short time, try to go shopping or visit the cinema alone. Also, you can try finding a hobby that will bring peace to your mind.

2. Fear of mistakes


Some people stay in their comfort zone for years, being afraid of making a mistake or the wrong choice. It isn’t difficult to understand why people are afraid of losing what they already have and what is precious to them.

However, the fear of mistakes prevents you from achieving your goals and fulfilling your desires. Remember: any slip is primarily a rewarding experience. Only those who do nothing aren’t mistaken.

3. Fear of the unknown


We are accustomed to keeping our lives under control and carrying on as usual. Many of us don’t leave the workplace just because it brings a stable income. However, most often, it doesn’t lead to anything good.

The fear of an uncertain future makes us forget about one of the most important moments of our life – the “now.” Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and do the things that bring you real pleasure.


Only by overcoming your fears, will you learn to be happy and enjoy every day. We often prevent ourselves from living a full and meaningful life!

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