3 DIY Decor Ideas For Old Clothes To Save Money And Time


3 DIY Decor Ideas For Old Clothes To Save Money And Time

Do you have a closet filled with clothes, but still have nothing to wear? We feel your pain. Give a new life to your old clothes with our amazing clothes decor hacks.

3 DIY Decor Ideas For Old Clothes To Save Money And TimeAnn Haritonenko /
We love recycling, so today presents creative DIY clothes ideas to reuse t-shirts and jeans. Here are quick and easy tutorials on how to breathe new life into clothes in no time.

3 DIY decor ideas for old clothes

1. Bleach-dipped jeans

First of all, decide what part of your jeans you want to bleach. Then dip that part of your pants into watered-down bleach. Leave it there for several hours. The longer you wait, the lighter color you get. Then make sure that you wash the bleach out carefully and dry the jeans up. You have a new pair of stylish jeans.

2. Sequins on t-shirts

When you think of decorating a t-shirt, don’t forget about sequins. They can transform even the oldest t-shirt into something really unique. If you have a t-shirt with letters printed on it, just add some creativity. Place sequins on the top of the letters for extra decoration. Or you can make your own motif (for example, a heart) full of sequins alone.

3. Cut out t-shirts

Do you like cut up t-shirts? Their styles may vary with different fashion changes, but they always look wonderful. You can make your own cut out t-shirt at ease. First of all, find an old t-shirt that you like.

Mark a line where you want the t-shirt to end. Then start marking straight lines for the future fringes. The next step is the most important: cut out the fringes. That’s all. Your new stylish t-shirt is ready!

Our fashion tips and tricks will save your money and time. Every girl must try these smart DIY clothes ideas. Do you like our clothing ideas? Share your favorite fashion hacks in comments!

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