28-Year-Old Katie Mason Was Killed While Trying To Save Her Beloved Dog


28-Year-Old Katie Mason Was Killed While Trying To Save Her Beloved Dog

A heartbreaking tragedy happened in Stafford County, Virginia on April 7, 2018. The Mason family is mourning the death of their beloved daughter Katie, who died trying to save her dog.


Horrible tragedy

The tragedy occurred at night along I-95 where the 28-year-old girl tried to catch her pug, Stella, after she ran onto the highway. Her parents told that Katie had that natural urge to help everybody, including animals.

Police state that Katie was driving her Toyota Camry when she, apparently, lost control and ran into a guardrail. Afterward, her dog jumped out of the car onto the busy roadway. According to the investigators’ report, Mason followed the dog in attempt to catch her.

That’s when the two got struck by Honda Civic. Unfortunately, the girl and her pet died on the scene.

Katie Mason was a wonderful person

The family describes their daughter as a selfless person, whose purpose was helping others. Katie served in the U.S. Army as a combat medic.

Although Katie led a bit of a private lifestyle, she rarely missed home games of VCU basketball team.

The Mason family is devastated by the tragic death. They decided to remember her selfless and dedicated personality. She ran under the car to try to save her dog. That action speaks for itself.


What to do if your dog gets loose?

There’s a huge misconception that you have to run for your dog if it gets loose. However, the experts claim it is the opposite that you should do:

1. Stop, drop, and lie down. You can even curl into a ball. Try this with your dog under safe conditions, and you’ll see the result yourself.


2. Run in the opposite direction. Dogs love a good chase; such action can provoke them to run after the owner.


3. Sit down with your back to the dog. In most cases, such odd behavior forces your pet to come close to you and investigate the reason. Dogs are curious, aren’t they?

Viorel Sima /

How to train them?

If you have dogs, it is highly recommended to train them not to walk onto the road or do it safely. There are several tips on how to train your pets, and mostly, the logic is the same as with toddlers.

  • No intimidation or pain.
  • Food motivation or any other strong enough reward.
  • Do not correct them with your words but with actions.
  • Use leashes at the beginning. /

More details in the video below:

We pray for the Mason family and send them our sincere condolences. This tragedy is heartbreaking indeed. What would you do in this situation?

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