13 Uses For Nail Polish Remover That Will Help Eliminate The Toughest Stains Around The House


13 Uses For Nail Polish Remover That Will Help Eliminate The Toughest Stains Around The House

Acetone is a solvent used in the manufacture of plastics and other industrial products. It’s also used, in limited quantities, in domestic products such as cosmetics and personal hygiene products, specifically nail polish remover.

Women tend to have the wrong idea in our heads that this chemical is used only to remove nail polish. But, as a solvent, it has many other uses that we’ll mention today.

1. Revive old nail polish.

Pour a little acetone inside the container of your old nail polish that has become dry. Let it sit for an hour, shake and you’l see that it can be used once again.

2. Clean your computer keyboard.

Rub a little nail polish remover on your keyboard to clean it, you’ll see that it’ll look like new!

3. Eliminate the ring around your bathtub.

Dilute the nail polish remover with water and, using a brush, scrub the dirt forming a ring around your bathtub. This will remove all of the stains.

4. Remove stickers from glass and metal surfaces.

If you want to remove the residue from stickers, just rub the area with acetone until it’s completely gone.

5. Remove paint stains.

If you’ve stained your clothes with paint, all you need to do is mix one part acetone with two parts water and rub the stained fabric with a cloth or paper towel and you’re done.

6. Remove scratches.

Wet a paper towel with acetone and rub on your tiles or concrete floors.

7. Remove window stains.

If your windows have been accidentally stained with paint, just rub them with nail polish remover and leave it to act for a few minutes, then wipe with a moist cloth.

8. Remove porcelain stains.

You can remove coffee or tea stains from porcelain mugs. Take a moist cloth and rub on the stain. Make sure to wash the mug with water and soap before using it again.

9. Clean a razor.

Eliminate residue on your razor by carefully rubbing the blades. Then rinse with water and soap.

10. Remove glue.

If you have glue on your skin, you can remove it by rubbing a little nail polish remover.

11. Remove permanent marker.

Soak a cotton ball with acetone and then rub on the stain.

12. Clean your shoes.

Remove scuff marks on your shoes by soaking a paper towel with nail polish remover and then rubbing it on your shoes. Then wipe again with a moist cloth.

13. Repair a scratched watch.

If you have a plastic watch that is scratched, moisten a Q-tip with acetone and apply it to the scratches.

Acetone is definitely a very useful product which can get us out of a tight spot when it comes to tough stains. Had you ever heard of these uses for nail polish remover?

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