12 Powerful Photos That May Give You Goosebumps


12 Powerful Photos That May Give You Goosebumps



Every person has a couple of pictures they treasure as a family relic. They may feature your close people or you might have accidentally witnessed someone else’s drama because you happened to be holding a camera at the moment. Now, there’s an opportunity to share these invaluable pictures with the whole world.

1. "101 year difference"

2. A girl’s disabled father couldn’t work, so he saved his pocket change to give his daughter money for coffee

3. The boy grew his hair out for 2 years for a special reason

4. "We rise by lifting others"

We rise by lifting others. from r/HumansBeingBros

5. The same T-shirt and riding the same bike, only now the kid is already a teenager

Same shirt. Same bike. Same kid. Officially a teen. from r/aww

6. A 94-year-old man meeting his 2-month-old great-grandson

My 94 years old grandpa meeting my 2 months old son. from r/pics

7. Here’s what true love looks like

True love

8. The guy was told that he’s in cancer-remission

My face after leaving my doctor’s office and being told my cancer was beat into remission!!!! from r/pics

9. And someone has courageously made it through her first chemotherapy

1st chemo treatment down. So proud of her. from r/pics

10. Celebrated birthday with grandma. She’s 101!

My grandma turned 101 today! from r/aww

11. Journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling returned back home, to California, after having been arrested in North Korea, sentenced to 12 years of high-security imprisonment, and successful diplomatic negotiations conducted by the American government

Embed from Getty Images

12. After 7 months of service in Iraq, an American soldier returned to her daughter

The importance of such moments cannot be understated and if you happened to capture them, you are truly lucky. At some point, someone might be able to read your life in these marks you leave and find out that you lived and you have things to reminisce about. Many of the photos in this compilation give you goosebumps and bring tears to your eyes just because each of them shows a small feat that has the potential to become an inspiration to thousands across the globe.

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