12 Laundry Mistakes People Might Make


12 Laundry Mistakes People Might Make

Do you think laundry is important enough that you should know everything about it? Do you know that pouring washing powder into the washer and pressing the start button is not enough? If these questions made you confused, this article is for you! Below are 12 rules that will prevent the most critical mistakes when it comes to laundry.

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1. You need to regularly clean your washing machine.

Even though a washer creates purity itself, it needs some care too. After doing your laundry, rinse the powder container, open the door of the washer to prevent a stale odor, and wipe the door. There is a filter for threads at the bottom of the washer, which should be cleaned once every three months. According to another rule, you need to run the empty washer on a hot cycle once a year. To intensify the effect, you can add half a liter of vinegar to the water. This will help clean the heating elements of the washing machine.

2. Don’t overload the washer.

Even if there is room for more clothes, you shouldn’t overload your washer because it may break down!

3. Don’t use a fabric softener when washing towels.

It turns out that softeners reduce the ability of fabrics to absorb moisture; therefore, it won’t do any good for your towels.

4. Wash socks in a separate laundry bag.

Or, wash your socks in a special cycle to avoid losing them among other linens.

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5. Wash pillows and blankets twice.

You need to wash pillows and blankets first with powder, then without it. Down and feather soak up smells, so you will not get rid of the annoying soap scent in a single cycle.

6. Do not wash swimwear in the washer!

Swimsuits, leggings, and other similar clothes. All of them are made of spandex and elastane stretch and deform in the washing machine. Therefore, you need to wash these clothes in cold water by your hands.

7. Do not use too much bleach.

Avoid using chlorine! Leave it for special occasions when you have no idea how to cope with stains. Chlorine spoils any fabric!

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8. Unbutton all the clothes you are going to wash.

Otherwise, you risk losing them during the washing process.

9. Zip up your pants!

If you don’t, you risk scratching other clothes with the zippers.

10. Do not use too much detergent.

Too much detergent creates a lot of foam, which is absorbed into the clothes.

11. Do not rub stains furiously. 

Otherwise, you can make a hole! If you use a stain remover, take a white cotton wipe and gently rub it.

12. Sort the clothes correctly!

Is there any housewife who doesn’t know this rule? First of all, do not wash colored and white clothes together. Secondly, do not wash wool clothes in the same cycle with other clothes. Towels should not be washed with synthetic items. Fleece items require a separate cycle too.

Follow these simple tips and avoid making the most common critical mistakes when doing laundry. Taking care of your clothes is actually not that hard!

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