10-Year-Old Boy Who Had Hung Himself But Survived Shares His Never-Told-Before Story Of Suicide Attempt


10-Year-Old Boy Who Had Hung Himself But Survived Shares His Never-Told-Before Story Of Suicide Attempt

Unfortunately, children’s suicides happen more often nowadays than decades of years ago. The worst thing is that parents often have no idea that something wrong is going on with their kids. How can we prevent the tragedy until it’s too late?

Amber Traxler from Kentucky experienced a real nightmare when her 10-year-old son tried to kill himself. Thankfully, the boy survived. Today, Amber and her son Jared share their stories to bring awareness to other parents and children. They hope it will be helpful to everyone who goes through the dark times.

Amber Traxler and her story

Two years ago, Amber Traxler had the most horrifying experience any parent could have. Her 10-year-old son tried to take his life.

Amber explained her son Jared was going through the dark times after he lost his dad one year ago. Jared’s behavior changed a lot, he got angry quickly and spent most of the time in his bedroom.

But Amber thought there was nothing unusual as she believed her son would eventually feel better and cope with his grief.

One day, Amber, her sister, and their mom were spending time together at the dining-room. Amber’s mother called Jared for an ice-cream and was surprised he didn’t respond back. The woman went to the boy’s bedroom and found this tragic picture. Jared hung himself in a suicide attempt.

Amber heard her mom’s screaming and rushed to Jared’s room. She saw her son unconscious. His face turned dark purple. He didn’t breath.


Amber called the ambulance. When she went back in the room, she saw that her mom had gotten Jared to breathe again. He was alive.

After the incident, Jared spent several months in a hospital. Doctors told Amber her son could suffer severe brain damage after his suicide attempt. The desperate mother recalled her feelings at that moment:

I felt like I failed him. As a mother, I should have seen these warning signs, I should have known, but I didn’t!

But the God heard her prayers. Jared survived and today, two years after the suicide attempt, he is healthy and feels good.

Jared tells his own story

Jared decided to share his own story to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to any other kid.

The boy confessed he felt really bad after his father died. The grief of the loss was too hard for him.

I never talked to anybody about how I was feeling, just that I missed him, but not how I felt deep inside. The depression.


A year later, just a few days past the anniversary of his dad’s demise, Jared made a decision to take his life. He would never forget all the pain and horror he went through since that moment. After many long weeks in a hospital, Jared began to recover both physically and emotionally.

Doctors didn’t believe I could make it, but I did!

Jared decided to tell his story because he hopes it will teach other children the life value. He asks other teens not to deal with their grief alone.

I’m here to let you know, you are worthy! No matter how big or small your burden is, talk to someone. Don’t let depression win, there are and will be better days.

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We hope this story will be a good lesson for all parents and children. Human life is our biggest value, so let’s appreciate it. Thank you, Amber and Jared, for sharing your stories with us.

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