10 Subtle Signs That Can Reveal Woman's Real Age


10 Subtle Signs That Can Reveal Woman's Real Age

Crow’s feet and nasolabial wrinkles surely can indicate the age of a woman and this is an undeniable fact. But, in addition to the wrinkles, there are many other signs by which you can relatively easily determine how old a woman is.

If you slightly correct these 10 features listed below, you will look up to 10 years younger!

1. Eyes

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No wonder they say that you can tell a woman’s age by simply looking at her eyes. Over the years, our eyebrows and eyelashes become thinner, and all this, together with the lowered corners of the eyes, makes our eyes look a little tired. In order not only to emphasize the eyes but also to open them up a little bit, select eyebrow cosmetics that is right for you. Correctly drawn eyebrows can visually lift the brow arch. Also, you have to choose the right mascara. If necessary, use tweezers to curl your eyelashes.

2. Teeth

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With age, even the whitest teeth become dull, the enamel gets thinner, and teeth fall out. The darkened or yellowed teeth automatically add a few extra years to your appearance. Take care of your smile, visit the dentist frequently and regularly. Perhaps the doctor will tell you how to restore the aesthetic beauty of the teeth, without resorting to radical measures.

3. Ears

Cosmetologists do not advise women to wear large, heavy earrings. Over the years, the tissues lose their former elasticity. Heavy jewelry can stretch the delicate earlobe. Let’s say it just looks bad. Opt for lightweight small earrings. If necessary, the stretched lobes can be restored to their former shape with a simple surgery.

4. Neck

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The neck is another part of the body that can instantly reveal your true age. Well, if your neck looks great for your age, it’s wonderful. But what if it doesn’t? Many women ignore this area of their body and it’s a shame! The skin on your neck is as delicate as on your face. Start caring for it! When applying moisturizer on the face do not forget about the neck and decollete. A light massage with the use of nourishing oils will also be helpful.

5. Breasts

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The older we get, the less elastic our muscles become. For this reason, our breasts gradually begin to sag. Experts recommend all women to do sports: gymnastics or yoga to strengthen the muscles that support the breasts. In addition, many women forget to take care of the skin in that area and overexpose it to the UV rays, which are known to be the main culprits in premature aging of the skin. Do not forget to use sunscreen! Cover the neckline with clothing during prolonged exposure to the sun.

6. Belly

The belly fat can appear even in the most slender women. It is mainly due to two reasons: childbirth and slow metabolism. It is very difficult to deal with this problem, yet absolutely possible! As always, the tips are universal but be sure, they do work: exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. In order not to draw attention to the problem area, give up wearing low-rise jeans and pants.

7. Knees

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The skin on the knees is much drier than on other parts of the body. It is first to lose its elasticity and sag. The situation can be aggravated by overweight. To visually eliminate this small defect, regularly use sea salt based scrubs. They will exfoliate the dead cells of the skin. Do not forget to moisturize this area. You can add a few drops of vitamin A to your favorite cream.


The same is going to happen to the skin on your elbows. All the tips mentioned above can also help you with this problem. If you are worried about this flaw, choose blouses, tops, and dresses with sleeves just below the elbow.

9. Legs

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With age, many women develop varicose veins. In order to slow or even prevent this condition, take care of your health. Try not to stand in one position (if you have a standing job), do not sit with your legs crossed, choose comfortable clothes, be active. Opt for comfortable shoes with a moderate heel.

10. Tendons and veins

The hands of a woman have the thinnest fat layer, and it gets thinner much faster than anywhere else. This is why veins and tendons become more visible when we age or lose weight. In addition, the skin in this area dries out faster. To make your hands look more aesthetically pleasing and hide your real age, do not forget to use moisturizers. If time and money permit, regularly visit a beauty salon.

We hope our recommendations will be useful to you. Stay healthy and beautiful!

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