10 Makeup Mistakes That Age Women


10 Makeup Mistakes That Age Women

The makeup’s job is to highlight woman’s beauty. It’s a fact. But can cosmetics achieve the opposite effect sometimes? Many women make mistakes in makeup and don’t even know about it. Here are 10 main mistakes you need to avoid, unless you want to look older than you really are.

1. Blush

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Blush indisputably has the power to transform a face. But be careful, as blush of darker shades make you look older. That’s why you need to get rid of matte and dark colors.

2. Brown eye shadows

This is one of those mistakes that everybody makes. Brown shadows brighten up your eyes, but they emphasize weariness of the eyelids. It steals your eyes’ youth.

3. Eye pencil

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Drawing your lower eyelid with a black pencil narrows your eyes visually. This is one of the biggest mistakes in makeup. If you want to make your eyelashes look thicker, draw the spaces between them.

4. Mascara

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Mascara on the upper lashes makes your eyes more emphatic, but put on the lower ones, it brings up wrinkles around the eyes.

5. Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is harder to match with your tone of skin, than other shades. Blue, brown, green, or violet are much better choices. Black eyeliner ages you.

6. Strict lines

If you think that a straight line on the upper lid makes your look confident, this is not quite so. You will look more natural, if you make the line softer. A clear, thick line without blending definitely ages women.

7. A lipstick

A contour stick helps bring out the shape of the lips and set the lipstick. If it doesn’t match the shade of lip gloss or lipstick, not only will it age you, but it will also look vulgar.

8. Concealer under makeup

Too much concealer under makeup instead of concealing flaws will make your face appear older.

9. Foundation

Ill-chosen color of foundation adds 10 years to your actual age. Go with a tone that perfectly matches your skin.

10. Powder

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Too much powder on the face dries out the skin and visually ages it. Makeup artists recommend to put on a thin layer of powder on the chin and nose.

A woman’s face is her identity! Avoid the mistakes listed above, and you will look flawless.

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