10 Little-Known Facts About A Talented Actor, Singer, And Just A ‘Nice Fellow’ Gerard Butler


10 Little-Known Facts About A Talented Actor, Singer, And Just A ‘Nice Fellow’ Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is a talented actor and just a handsome man, who’s stolen the hearts of millions of women all over the world. He proved his skills in drama and comedy. Besides, Butler is a successful singer and producer. For all big fans of the star, here are some interesting facts about Gerard, a man with a Greek God look.


The Scottish actor was raised by his mother

Gerard’s parents divorced when he was a kid. Young Butler didn’t see his father until he was 16. But when Edward Butler called his son for the first time after so many years, they became really close. They continued their communication until Edward passed away from cancer. His son was 22 at that time.

Before becoming an actor, Butler was a singer in a rock band

The band was called Speed. However, Gerard’s singing career didn’t last long; the band recorded only 3 songs.

During his study at the university, Butler was the president of the law society

As a student, the young star devoted most of his time to study; he graduated with honors. After graduation, Gerard took a break off and went on traveling for one year.



Butler has been recognized as an actor after his role of King Leonidas in “300”, a historical movie about a small legion of Spartans defeating the Persian army.

Jennifer Aniston

Butler was ‘suspected’ of having a romantic affair with Jennifer Aniston after their collaboration in the comedy “The Bounty Hunter.” However, neither of two stars admitted they actually dated.

Late films

Among the actor’s late breakthrough films are “I Love You” with Hilary Swank, “Attila the Hun,” “Law Abiding Citizen,” “The Ugly Truth.”



Vocal lessons

To make his best in the musical “The Phantom of the Opera,” Gerard took vocal lessons. During his singing audition, Lloyd Webber confessed he was impressed by the actor’s performance.

Butler is famous for his charity work

He supports Mary’s Meals Charity, and he has also visited the international development charity’s program in Liberia.


Gerard Butler usually keeps his personal life in secret

He is not really fond of talking about his romantic affairs. For almost 3 years, he was in relationships with Morgan Brown, but the couple broke up. One of the actor’s friends said:

He’s told his friends he just couldn’t commit. Gerry loves Morgan but it wasn’t working.


Recently, Butler shared a cute photo of his new furry friend on Instagram. He mentioned that a dog came into his life in an unusual way.

Thankful for a new wee doggie in my life. She was a stray while I was filming up a mountain in Bulgaria. Stole my heart.

Допис, поширений Gerard Butler (@gerardbutler)

Here is one more pleasant bonus from Gerard Butler. Watch him answering the fans’ most frequently asked questions in the most adorable way in the video below.

Hope this information will help you know better this handsome guy, prominent actor, and simply a good fellow.

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