10 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds: The Next Best Thing To Having A Lion


10 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds: The Next Best Thing To Having A Lion

There are pets in almost every household, but the most popular furry friends are, of course, cats. They are always associated with something light and little. Cats love to climb everywhere and jump from every furniture piece.

Yes, their jumps are noiseless, but what if the kitty weighs more than thirteen lbs? Probably, not everyone will like this.

There are many myths about what big domestic cats really are. Some claim that such a pet is difficult to feed and turn your house into a real mess. But this is nonsense. Big cats are incredibly graceful, sometimes even more than their smaller relatives are. So what are the most popular breeds of big domestic cats? We will gladly share some of them with you.

1. American Bobtail

The homeland of the American Bobtail is the US. These cats have a short tail, full chest, tufted ears, prominent shoulders, and a hunting gaze. Although they have a distinctive wild look, they are, in fact, extremely intelligent, interactive, and loving.

2. Chartreux

These cats have a massive, muscular, medium-length body. Their chest is wide, the neck is short, and the legs are strong, with large round paws. The Chartreuse can adapt to almost any situation, will not complain about anything, and tolerate long trips.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

While searching the net for the largest domestic cats in the world, you can easily find the description of the Norwegian Forest breed. This animal has a wild look due to its ancestors’ genes. Actually, representatives of this breed are considered the first cats that have been domesticated by humans. They are wayward but very intelligent.

4. Siberian cat

Looking at the name of this breed of cats, it is not difficult to guess their origin. These animals have gained great popularity, especially in Russia. They have long thick and very warm hair, perfectly protecting from the cold.

5. Turkish Van

The Turkish Van cats are one of the most ancient breeds of domestic cats. These animals have long hair, medium-length legs, and round paws. They are very interactive and love cuddling, sitting on your lap, or sleeping in your bed.

6. British Shorthair

At the moment, this breed of cats is extremely popular all over the world. Indeed, who wouldn’t like to have an animal that resembles a plush toy? They have a kind, gentle temper and easily get along with people.

7. Chausie

This is one of the rare breeds of cats. A graceful body, a predatory look, a good temper, a desire to rub against the owner’s legs, and a barely audible purr – all this will not leave anyone indifferent. The Chausie amaze with their sociability and surround their owners with tenderness and attention.

8. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cats are a real treasure for those who love cuddling! These blue-eyed pets allow their owners to hug them, run to greet them at the door, and are fond of playing. Surprisingly, they do not like jumping.

9. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are affectionate pets who have some dog habits. They become attached to the owner, show devotion and loyalty. The hair of these cats protects them from cold winters. In this case, their wild nature makes them excellent hunters and fishermen, as they are not afraid of water.

10. Savannah

Expressive eyes, vibrant colors, cheetah type appearance – you just can’t look away. These cats are, in fact, the tallest breed. But they are also intelligent, curious, friendly, and dedicated to the owner, like dogs.

Of course, there are other different breeds, so anyone can find a cat to their liking.

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