'Y & R' Star Gina Tognoni's Been Happily Married To Hubby Of 10 Years, Joseph: Who Set Them Up?


'Y & R' Star Gina Tognoni's Been Happily Married To Hubby Of 10 Years, Joseph: Who Set Them Up?

The soap opera The Young and the Restless isn’t the same as before. First, an unannounced departure of Kristoff St. John after his demise left the fans absolutely broken hearted. The melancholy seems to be overshadowing the show as the actress Gina Togoni has also decided to leave. Little do we know, the series had somehow made shaped her love life.

For five years, Gina played the role of Phyllis Summers Abbott, which will be portrayed by another actress soon. The General Hospital star, Michelle Stafford has been chosen as her substitute by the producers. However, the viewers aren’t satisfied with it. 

How did Tina come across her current hubby?

It’s common knowledge that every love story needs a little help. Someone unknowingly takes up the task to be the Cupid. In Gina and her husband Joseph Chiarello’s case, it was none other than the actress’ own co-star. The couple has been happily married for almost 10 years and owes their a big thank you to Beth Ehlers who was Gina’s co-star in Guiding Light.

It was love at first sight for the pair and they had started dating immediately. In 2007, Joseph who is currently the President of a business insurance program for the firearms industry popped the question to his beau. Less than two years from their engagement, they tied the knots on 16 May 2009.

Keeping a low-profile

The 45-year-old actress is all over the headlines for her show’s popularity. But it’s odd to see there is no data found on the couple. It is known that Gina and Joseph don’t have any kids yet. Other than that, she tries to keep everything off the radar, even her husband who is not too eager to share the spotlight with her. After all, the best things happen off the cameras.

It’s wonderful to get to know about Gina’s life as a toast on her farewell from the show. Share this and send your love to the beautiful duo.

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