'Welcome to New York…I'll Take It': Taylor Swift Picks Up The Third Property On Same New York Block For Almost $10 Million


'Welcome to New York…I'll Take It': Taylor Swift Picks Up The Third Property On Same New York Block For Almost $10 Million

It looks like Taylor Swift admires New York and Manhattan, in particular. She often gushes about it and she sang about the Big Apple in one of her songs. And now, the End Game songstress is reportedly an owner of a $50 million single block in New York City.


Taylor is on the list of America’s Richest Female Entertainers of 2017.

Although she released her famous 1989 in late October, it was the bestselling album back in 2014. She earned a quarter-billion during her 1989 tour. And even when she was relatively quiet two years ago, she still greatly benefited from earnings from her records and merch. So, it is no surprise that Swift can afford spending millions of dollars on apartments and houses.

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New apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood

Former New York City Global Welcome Ambassador dropped almost $10 million on a new apartment in the same building where she already owns a massive penthouse. It seems that Taylor will soon become the only owner of the whole building.

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First, she bought two adjacent penthouses, which previously belonged to the director of The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson, for $20 million. She converged them together, renovating them into one condo with 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. Now she added 328 more square meters.

What about other properties?

The 28-year-old also owns a townhouse worth $18 million next door to her residence. The building with a garage, fitness center, and theater is protected from paparazzi.

Of course, the princess of pop has property in other cities as well, including Nashville, Beverly Hills (where she actually turned the mansion into a local landmark), and Rhode Island.


By the way, the singer buys real estate not only for herself but also for her fans. Not long ago, Swift helped her homeless pregnant fan get a house. The girl’s girlfriend lost his job, after which they were left without a roof over their heads.


The singer not only helped the pair to buy a house, but also got everything necessary for their child.

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