'The Crown' TV Show: Did Prince Philip Have An Affair With A Ballerina From Russia?


'The Crown' TV Show: Did Prince Philip Have An Affair With A Ballerina From Russia?

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have 70 long years of shared life together. However, it has not been without discomforting news swirling around the infidelity of the prince.


Season 2 of ‘The Crown’ only heightened the speculations

A handful of notable women have been implicated in Prince Philip’s alleged extra-marital adventures, and we only get to see an imagined version of his indiscretion play.

The Prince Philip character is scheduled for a five-month tour to the Commonwealth on the royal yacht – Britannia – per Queen Elizabeth’s request. In a gesture of love, the queen attempts to conceal a gift in his travel belongings, only to find the picture of the famous Galina Ulanova.

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This discovery evidently leaves her distraught but yet optimistic as she tucks a note, reminding him of the family he will leave behind as he embarks on his long voyage.

Who was Galina Ulanova?

Born in early twentieth century St. Petersburg, Russia, Galina Ulanova was groomed to become one of the top-rated ballerinas in history.

Galina’s talent as a ballet dancer was quite promising at an early age, having caught the attention of Joseph Stalin who encouraged her to raise to stardom as a ballerina, win accolades, and acclaim the roles in Romeo & Juliet, Giselle, and Swan Lake ballerina productions.

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There is no proof, in real life, that Galina Ulanova and Prince Philip ever had an affair besides the fictional allusion created on the Netflix TV show, ‘The Crown’, which connects Galina to Prince Philip as his love interest.

Besides the alleged affair he had with another dancer in the late 1940s, no rumors exist about him and Galina. Thus, considering that they both had such busy itinerary and out-of-sync leisure moments, it’s improbable that Prince Philip pursued an affair with her.

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None of the affairs were proven

Historians of the royal family share polar notions on the infidelity allegations that have surrounded Prince Philip over the years preceding the celebration of their platinum marriage anniversary.

In the 70 years of marriage, no one has confirmed any rumors to prove that Prince Philip was in any way unfaithful to Queen Elizabeth.

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