'Super Blue Blood Moon' Will Be Visible For The First Time In More Than 150 Years


'Super Blue Blood Moon' Will Be Visible For The First Time In More Than 150 Years

At the end of the month (on January 31, to be exact), we will have a unique opportunity to witness a magical phenomenon, ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ eclipse. Although it doesn’t have any special cosmic importance, a spectacular and impressive view in the sky is really worth staying up till early morning. This day, the usually grayish-whiteish satellite will become ruddy brown, ochre, or red. So, if you are a resident of North America, Oceania, East and Central Asia, or the Pacific, you are lucky to see the full show.


What is all this fuss about?

As we all know, the moon rotates around Earth, while our homeland does the same around the sun. During a full moon (and only!), if all three happen to be in the same plane, lunar eclipses can occur. As the planet passes in between its satellite and the sun, it blocks the light.

Eclipses can be partial and full, and this month, it is time for the latter. The astronomical body will be fully in shadow. Actually, this is not the most interesting and striking thing about it. All Earth’s sunrises and sunsets will be projected onto the satellite’s surface, resulting in a stunning view.

Who will see it?

At 6:48 am, those Americans living on the East Coast will sadly see a small glimpse of the phenomenon. On the contrary, West Coasters will be on the night side of the planet, so they will get to see the full lunar eclipse at 4:51 am PT.


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Most persistent myths

No, ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse doesn’t herald the end of the world or apocalypse, and neither do any other lunar eclipses. They also do not affect people’s behavior, as well as cause disaster or any unlucky events.

So, leave superstitions behind, check the exact time of the phenomenon in your state or city, and enjoy the beautiful view!

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