'I’ve Long Been Obsessed By Her' Cate Blanchett Is Thrilled For Her Upcoming Role To Play Lucille Ball


'I’ve Long Been Obsessed By Her' Cate Blanchett Is Thrilled For Her Upcoming Role To Play Lucille Ball

Who’s is not excited for old movies’ revival? They are fun to watch with sprinkled modernism. It makes our favorite shows so relatable after reboot. Apparently, not only fans but the cast gets enthusiastic about it too.

Amazon Studios has recently endorsed Lucy and Desi, the Aaron Sorkin-written drama from Escape Artists. For the legendary role of TV’s comedy star Lucille Ball, Cate Blanchett has been anointed. The production was stalled for a couple of years but now when they have Cate on board, it’s likely to start soon. 


However, the character of Desi still needs an actor. Reportedly the strong contenders are Javier Bardem, Fred, and Ethel. That’s to be confirmed but Cate Blanchett is extremely gratified. 

Cate Blanchett’s sentiment towards her role

The Amazon picture, Lucy & Desi is actually being compiled by Aaron Sorkin currently. Cate was probably springing up and down with joy inside when she told Hollywood Reporter:

I’ve long been obsessed by Lucille Ball. Who hasn’t? I mean she’s not only as an actress, as a comedian, but as a producer, as a parent, as a force of nature within Hollywood.

Cate Blanchett believes it to be an honor to play such a prestigious classic role. The movie has not even been attached to a director yet but the actress is already elevated to start its shooting. We are sure the fans are eager to watch Cate as influential Lucille as well!

Lucille Ball’s daughter thoughts about the movie

Lucille Ball’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz hasn’t seen what Aaron is scripting but she’s confident he’ll write thoughtfully about her parents’ shortcomings and their lasting impacts. Cate Blanchett was committedly signed for the movie almost two years ago by Lucie herself in New York.

We wish Lucie best of luck to portray her parents optimistically. Share it and give a shout out to Cate Blanchet!

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