'He Inherited His Mother's Courage And Sense Of Humor!' Elton John's Beautiful Words About Prince Harry


'He Inherited His Mother's Courage And Sense Of Humor!' Elton John's Beautiful Words About Prince Harry

Elton John, who was once very good friend of Princess Diana, had nothing but glowing words to say when he was asked to describe her son, Prince Harry.

The pair gets along wonderfully

During the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, Elton John talked to Prince Harry about his mother and the legacy she left behind.

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In an ITV documentary commemorating the death of Harry’s mother, both men shared beautiful memories of deceased royal.

From the video, one can tell that they have a very special connection, and Elton seemed pretty proud of Harry.

‘It has been a joy to watch him grow.’

This year, Prince Harry was the only member of the British royal family to make it on the list of Time’s 100 most influential people.

He was mentioned alongside his fiancee, Meghan Markle, and also other well-known personalities, such as Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Elon Musk, and Oprah.

As one of the honorees, Prince Harry was expected to receive a short write-up from a significant person in his life. His late mother’s friend, Elton John, proudly did the honors.

In his piece, Elton said he met a "shy and sweet" Prince Harry at Kensington Palace during a lunch his mother organized. He said:

What a joy it has been to see that young boy grow to inherit his mother’s warmth, sense of humor and courage to stand up and champion the causes he truly believes in.

The musician then went on to talk about other traits he believed Prince Harry inherited from Princess Diana. His engaging personality and his determination to take on any cause that was near and dear to his heart were inspiring.

Will he be attending the royal wedding?

One might assume, given that Harry and Elton are so close, the singer will be invited to the royal wedding coming up in May. But last we heard, he was yet to receive an invitation.

During an appearance on BBCRadio2 last month, he was asked by host Chris Evans if he would be performing at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The ‘Rocket Man‘ crooner replied saying he had not been invited:

We haven’t gotten the invitation yet.

It’s possible that the situation has changed since then, but so far, no one can confirm if Elton John will be there to witness the couple’s special day.

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