'Happy Days' Star, Henry Winkler, Says Being A Grandfather Is His Best Role Ever


'Happy Days' Star, Henry Winkler, Says Being A Grandfather Is His Best Role Ever



Henry Winkler is an iconic actor, loved by millions of people worldwide. He is famous for his legendary role of Arthur Fonzarelli ‘Fonzie’ from the 1970s’ sitcom Happy Days, and for his performance in Children’s Hospital and Royal Pains.

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But for him, personally, the role of a grandfather is way more important. Furthermore, the 72-year-old actor considers it to be his best role ever.


“There’s nothing better.”

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Henry Winkler managed to succeed in nearly every area of his life: he wrote several amazing books, he has an impressive acting career, and, most importantly, a big and loving family. With his wife of nearly 40 years, Stacey, Winkler has three kids and four grandchildren.

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When talking to last year, the actor opened up about his experience of being a parent and a grandparent. And, it turned out, that being a grandpa is something he enjoys a lot.

There’s nothing better. It’s really true. It’s a feeling that overwhelms you.

The actor says he is a laid-back type of a grandfather who does not try to be in charge all the time.

I’ve learned to just go where the conversation goes with them.

Furthermore, the loving spouses enjoy this amazing role together. When talking about his wife, Winkler admitted that “Stacey is one of the greatest nanas of all time.”


Being a role model for kids.

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As a father and grandfather, Henry Winkler is most certainly a great role model for his little ones. However, this man turned into a source of reassurance and inspiration for many other kids, especially those who have dyslexia.

Henry himself is dyslexic, although he was not diagnosed with the disorder until he was 31.

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In a collaboration with author and producer Lin Oliver, Winkler released 17 books about a little boy with dyslexia, Hank Zipzer. Their books inspire and give hope to millions of other kids with the similar problem.

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And in his free time, Henry Winkler enjoy his life to the fullest, just like his iconic character ‘Fonzie’ did.


Have you read any of Winkler’s books? Or maybe you prefer enjoying his fabulous performance in films and series? Leave a comment and share your impressions with us.

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